Tuesday 29 December 2015

PES 6 PES America Revolucion Patch 2016


BEFORE PROCEEDING IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: First I want to thank all those who followed us during this time following inactive we were back and waited for the light and valuing our contributions, but of all this, I want to say that this patch is not a own creation At what I mean? That is only a compilation from various patches that are light and decided to create 1 only in order to make an American patch. There are contributions our obviously in the PES America 16, but leagues, hairs, faces, kits and other things are their own patches where most are playable, we want to thank you but in a very good way to all these people who have made this possible, to see I brought forth their great patches and sharing them with the whole community, from already thank you very much! all loans are to you, we only made a collection among all armed and only 1, so that the great people and a lover of this great game called PES 6 can enjoy and feel good when playing, we just want just as you want, give them happiness and good times all players Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Thanks in advance!

Good to everyone (in this occasion we bring from the Staff of the PAR 16, precisely the PES America - Revolution 2016. A new version of this patch already has 1 year as a long time since the previous version, and eh seen a lot of people wanting to become a new and improved version even as the former has not been what we expected and much less what we wanted, that's why today I come to leave this new work in the we have been for a long time editing, just hope you like and can give the best to achieve far better for all patch.

[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution


Regarding the PES America - Total Revolution 2015 will notice many changes that have improved and modified, among them include:

Option File modified 2015 version in almost all computers (the most possible), this means that were assigned for their respective teams alignments that could be made, players, officials and realistic stats for each play.
Integration of official OPMOV for patch
New music added to the patch
New fully modified appearance
New accounts Martinoli and Luis Garcia
Added a ENB Series so they can give more realism when playing
Bookmarks (own most) current and officers assigned to each competition
Corresponding to each team assigned rags
New self-loading screen style Copa Libertadores 2015 Bridgestone
Assigned to the maximum trophies South American powers, eg Copa Libertadores - South American Cup
Balls for each patch assigned to the official competition
Fully Kitpack mostly complete for each league
Stadiums allocated for almost all teams
Faces and Hairs updated
[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution
[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution


[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution

Presentation at the start of the Copa Libertadores 2015 version Bridgestone PES 15

[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution
[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution


[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution

Soundtrack own style to electro-themed example: Astronomy (Lupaxs & Texus Remix) - Derkommissar Advancement Mix Vol 2 - Ievan Polkka Remix, etc.

[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution
[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution


[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution

Most songs assigned to teams in total, eg River "Gentlemen I am the henhouse" - "The Copa Libertadores is my obsession" and even more for each computer on your extention.
[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution [★] PES America - 2016 Revolution


Completely renovated to version Libertadores appearance before style
ENB Series + Exe Online

Illustrative image ENB Series

Added this improved graphics so that they can give a little more realism to your PES 6 provided they meet the requirements to run this 100% improvement.
Online EXE teams with names when creating OF Original and / or play online with other opponents

                            Kitserver | S_Text.afs | Bookmarks

Official score assigned to each competition with their designs
Marker own first Colombian League smack / Same as in Friendly
[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution
Kitserver | 0_Text.afs | Rags
Rags mostly assigned to the respective teams of the patch

Credits PATCH:

Supersonic Patch
Pes Colombia
Pro Evolution Soccer Chile / Patch PECH
Pes Peru (all of its contributions)
Pes 6 Ecuador
PES 6 Stadiums Ecuador
Contributions Taringa - PES 6 Forever
Contributions Groups: 666PES6009 / PES PERU
Pes Logos
For all PES6
Contributions of Individual Internet (respective owners)
Other credits contributions that are not added here (borrow)


Franceschetti Agustin
Jesus Beltran
Santy lgars
Aguilar cristii
Chris Morbihan

* MISSING PEOPLE AND / OR CREDITS, warning in OFFICIAL COMMENTS ON REGULAR and added tasteful and will be given the corresponding identification.

[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution [★] PES America - 2016 Revolution
Installing the patch by Maxii 12

Video tutorial which shows how to properly install the PES America - 2016 Revolution smoothly, any questions please leave comments or contact by official group which will be answered

[★] PES America - 2016 Revolution [★] PES America - 2016 Revolution
DLC`S And Updates

Not to leave the PES America pulled or wait until the next release, a new update will be removed before the holidays, Christmas marrow, where many things are updated. This is because not all PES America is updated daily, but as the days and you see that there is des things updated and want to work with to improve and update the patch can do, that's why we're getting and help people in our official Facebook group (You will find the link in Notepad patch) in order to move forward with this patch and keep it afloat and to remain rather high, meaning that the next will be many changes An Example ? the next :

Selections removed leagues and more teams / were added
Update Option File with lineups
Upgrade Kits / Faces and Hairs / Stadiums, etc
Promoted to Division 1 teams from each league will be added, bone be updated
And many other updates, all your time in the DLC

From already thank you very much to all the people that I collaborated and we still believed in us, we never left and are now more alive than ever, PES VIVA AMERICA!


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