Thursday 18 February 2016

PES 2016 PC Tool Merge Live Update Files With Database Files


What does this tool do?
It extracts below mentioned (supported) files from the data pack (e.g. dt80_200E_win.cpk), then it extracts corresponding files from Live update file (LIVE00000000) and finally it updates those files extracted from Data pack with changes from Live update (new players, transfers, lineups, basic appearances, boots assignments).

What kind of updating logic does it use?
Basic add/replace by ID. Explained on Player.bin, it uses the same principle for other supported files too:
a) If player with certain ID exists in Live update, but it does not exist in Data pack, then player with this ID is added from Live update to Player.bin from Data pack
b) If player with certain ID exists both in Live update and in Data pack, then the newer version from Live update is used to overwrite old version of this player in Player.bin from Data pack

Supported files:
- Player.bin
- PlayerAssignment.bin
- PlayerDeleteList.bin
- Tactics.bin
- TacticsFormation.bin
- PlayerAppearance.bin
- BootsList.bin

[IMPORTANT] When would I want to use this tool?
If you need to create updated database files with players which were released via Live updates after latest major Data pack, thus not available in offline modes.
It is NOT recommended to apply this tool on any existing community patches, because it is going to mess-up everything - this type of merging is only safe when it is applied to CLEAN, unedited datapack files and without any EDIT00000000.
So basically, you'd want to use this tool if you're starting from scratch creating new patchand you simply wish to have as many post-datapack players and formations as possible.
This tool cannot edit EDIT00000000. There won't be EDIT00000000 version. Ever.

[IMPORTANT] Relationship between Data pack and Live updates
It is not safe to apply every LIVE00000000 to every Data pack - Konami creates Live updates with particular Data pack as the baseline.
Therefore it is only safe to apply Live updates which meet following criteria:
1. Merging with Data pack 1 (dt80_100E_win.cpk, released on October 29th 2015)
You must use one of the LIVE00000000 files which were released between October 29th 2015 and December 3rd 2015
2. Merging with Data pack 2 (dt80_200E_win.cpk, released on December 3rd 2015)
You must use one of the LIVE00000000 files which were released between December 3rd 2015 and yet unknown date when Data pack 3 will be released (probably in March 2016)
3. When Data pack 3 is eventually released, you'll have to use LIVE00000000 files released after DP3 release date, etc.

Trying to apply Dp1 compatible Live update to Dp2, or Dp2 compatible Live update to Dp1 would mess-up the database, so the tool does not allow such combinations.

Stuff you may not like in merged .bin files ...
1. Starting line-ups
Well, it is what it is - starting line-ups taken from Live updates tend to be Belle de Jeur kind of lineups - the ones which were actual during the week when Live update was released. The usual starters may be benched due to injuries, long-time suspensions, etc. Be sure to review the starting lineups and do the necessary corrections at some point.
2. Deleted players
You may end up with more players being deleted from career modes than usual. This can be easily fixed by manually editing merged PlayerDeleteList.bin and removing IDs of the players you want to be available as free agents.

How to use:
Just follow the 1, 2, 3, 4 actions:
1. Select your Data pack (.cpk file) and Live update (LIVE00000000 file)
you'll usually find your latest Live update in C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save folder (ProgramData is hidden folder, instruct your File Explorer to show hidden folders)
this tool does not modify neither .cpk file of your Data pack nor LIVE00000000 - it only extracts the necessary .bin files
2. Click on 'Check compatibility' button - errors and red crosses? Read [IMPORTANT] Relationship between Data pack and Live updates section again
3. Click on 'Extract' button
4. Click on 'Merge' button
5. That's it - follow on screen instructions to find merged .bin files

As usual, there are no warranties that something won't go terribly wrong - be smart and do your backups before you use this tool.

Prerequisites: - for external tools (CriPakTools, see credits)


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