Wednesday 14 December 2016

PES 2017 Selector For All Patches

-Play-Quit game in selector
-Sweetfx, Pitch, Scoreboard etc
-Include Crowd disabler
-Include Rep-Logo Tools
-Settings Enforce Quality
-Auto update

Custom Features:
Custom Title Selector
Custom cpk Name
Custom Directory Name
Custom Picture Background

C/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/
C/Program Files (x86)/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/
Miftahul Ginda
Muhamad Jana
Estarlen Silva
All Modder and All User

How to use my selector to another patch?
This selector default for PTE Patch, if you want to use in another patch
Please read tutorial below.
-Go to installation folder “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017”
-Find Settings folder and open settings.ini by notepad
-You can edit [Title], [Directory] and [Cpk_Name]. only after symbolic “=”
don’t change name before “=”

-look default SweetFX “SweetFX_Dir=PTE\SweetFX” you can edit “PTE\SweetFX” only.
if you use Profesional patch you can edit “SweetFX_Dir=PTE\SweetFX”
to “SweetFX_Dir=Profesional\SweetFX”
this is example only, you can think how to use


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