Thursday 8 December 2016

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.2 Full - RELEASED

changes 9.2:

- Included DLC 2
- Applied latest live update
- reworked ML and BL modes
- rework all stadiums
- new HD turfs
- enhanced turf colors
- enhanced turf lines
- new default turf available in new switcher
- activated SMoKE adboards and billboards
- new HD skies
- full bundesliga squads (18 teams)
- full other Europe squads (40 teams)
- added a lot of new players
- removed a lot of fake players
- updated balls
- updated boots
- fixed bug when selecting boots
- added missing nationality flags
- added 100 new gloves
- a lot of fixes and enhancements

All Features:

- includes konami latest konami DLC2
- includes online/offline switcher
- live updates mode compatible (press right analog to switch)

- ready for new season 16/17
- correct leagues names
- correct leagues emblems
- correct leagues balls
- Germany Bundesliga replaces PEU league
- Japan J. League replaces PAS league (squads not ready)
- American MLS replaces PLA league (squads not ready)

- correct clubs logo
- correct kits for all teams
- correct and updated squads
- correct manager with photo for all teams
- all teams have correct home stadium
- correct radar/fans colors for all teams
- a lot of new teams added (playable in FL modes):

- a lot of new faces (+1600)
- removed duplicated and fake players
- new 100 goalkeeper gloves

- correct names for all stadiums
- new stadiums (40 total)
- HD skies for all stadiums
- HD stadium turfs

- new boots
- new balls
- new referee kits
- special adboards

1. extract patch files (download all parts, put in the same place then extract)
2. run installer (Setup 9.2.exe) and follow installer steps

*Tested on original game and CPY


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