Monday 23 October 2017

PES 2018 UEFA Edition 2.0 Patch

CREDITS: Wolves85

-Replaced Bastia SC with PARIS FC (Using real team id)
-Replaced Gimarquella with CA CHACARITA JR (Using real team id)
-Added 5 missing UEFA Champions League teams.
-Added 27 missing UEFA Europa League teams.
-Added 5 Other European Clubs which lose the EL Playoff
-Added more than 1600 new players whit real-ID.
-Most of the coaches has been renamed and licensed
-Added coach images for the new National Teams
-Added kits for the new National Teams
-Added more kits (thanks to @Cesc Fabregas)
-Added kits for La Liga (thanks to @Txak)
-Added kits for Liga NOS, Serie B (repacked by @kilay) and more
-Imported Bundesliga by Cristiano92 (FBNZ)
-Imported J-League by @Albiore
-Imported Liga Aguila by KillaCarrillo & 99Doogs
-It works with @predator002 chant pack. All European NT have anthems.

-extract package with 7zip
-copy files in [*your main PES18 folder*]\download (if it does not exist, create it)
-generate DpFileList with DpFileList Generator 2018 by @Baris N.B. any fix have to be placed below all the other files
-copy the save data folder in [*your document folder*]\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018
-Run PES 2018 and ejoy!

This list could be not inclusive of all credit. Anyone who recognize his works inside the pack could let me know and will be inserted in credit list

DB: @Wolves85. Thanks to @razib_46 for PES16 Next-Gen Editor; @lagun-2 for PES17 Team Editor Manager; @smeagol75 for DINO editor; @SMcCutcheon for FM17 data export; @zlac for LiveUpdate merger
KITS: All the NT kits were adjusted to PES18 starting from the ones present in this thread. All the kits have their original signature. Thanks to all contributed. Most European kits are made by @falcom4ever. Other kits
-Menus @Wolves85
-Ballpack and Referee kits by @Hawke

– Original DB has slightly changed. Some double fake player (for example fake national player of Bosnia & Herzegovina NT) were replaced with player imported from PES17 and loses their ID. Most of the coaches are now licensed, so they have now a different ID respect the original DB. Import .ted files on teams different from the fake one (Gharnetova, Almchendorf etc.) is unsafe. Should you want to import teams follow those rules:

– Check the Coach ID before to import. IF needed, change the coach ID of your .ted file using PES2018Editor by @SMcCutcheon before to import the .ted file itself;
– Check that all the player ID >262000 are actually available in game
– Import .ted file using the internal editor
– DO NOT IMPORT TEAMS OVER XAKOULAGOS NOR TEAMS USING XAKOULAGOS PLAYERS. ATM this team includes SC Bastia Players. If you import over this team, you’ll lose PARIS FC


-I did not worked on player appearances, except for the skin colors. I will not do this, maybe never.
-The original DB is slightly changed, be careful when you import external teams


Q: when I try v2, game gives black screen error?
A: when generate dpfilelist, be sure to have selected DLC1 in the menu above, and not picked dt80_200E_x64.cpk


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