Friday, 23 March 2018

FIFA 10 Super Patch 2018 - RELEASED


Add more than 95 league
Add Arabic periodicals
Egyptian league
Moroccan league
Saudi League
Qatar League
UAE league
More than 100 teams in addition to Arab teams (Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Qatar, Iraq and more
Last Winter Transfer
Obayyang to Arsenal
Gerod to Chelsea
Coutinho to Barcelona
Add more than 150 new stadiums
New HD Flooring
New billboards
Add more than 1200 new faces inside the game
Teams and teams all updated 2018
Core and new shoes
New graphics with new backgrounds and menus
And more more additions that will impress you after the Pach experience



Note The game must be free of chips before installing this new patch. It is best to re-order the game from the first and the new

Method of installation
1 - decompression
2. Move the Marians Superpatch 17-18 Edition folder into the FIFA 10 game folder
Open the game and enjoy the new batcher

CREDITS: Marians