Wednesday 28 March 2018

PES 2018 Official Clubs & National Teams Abbreviations (Big Update)


Hello, I have created a spread sheet containing all official abbreviations for the in-game leagues, using various sources, like UEFA's, LaLiga's and Premier League's websites. The game limits short names to 3 characters, so I tried to find available trigrams. Only exceptions are Ligue 1 & 2, where LFP may use more than 3 letters.

I also included circa 220 teams from other european leagues, that have participated in UEFA Champions League from 2015/16 and in this year's UEFA Europa League, from the preliminary rounds.

The sheet includes:
Premier League (UEFA & Premier Legue websites)
EFL Championship (UEFA & Premier Legue websites)
Ligue 1 (UEFA & Ligue 1 official YouTube channel)
Ligue 2 (UEFA & Ligue 2 official YouTube channel)
LaLiga (UEFA & LaLiga websites)
LaLiga 1|2|3 (UEFA & LaLiga websites)
Bundesliga (UEFA & Bundeliga websites)
2. Bundesliga (UEFA & Bundeliga websites)
Serie A (UEFA & Lega Serie A websites)
Serie B (UEFA & LNPB websites)
Eredivisie (UEFA & eDivisie official YouTube channel)
Jupiler League (UEFA & Jupiler League websites)
Liga NOS (UEFA & Liga Portugal websites)
220 other teams (UEFA website)
Full & shortened names for all teams, according to UEFA website
Added more (non-european) leagues and national Teams. Changes are:
Supeliga Argentina (CONMEBOL & Superliga Argentina website)
Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (CONMEBOL website)
Campeonato Scotiabank (CONMEBOL & ANFP websites)
80 other teams (CONMEBOL website)
32 teams from AFC Champions League 2017-18 (AFC website)
All FIFA National Teams members, UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, AFC, CAF, OFC (FIFA website)
Expect one or two more updates: KONAMI stock recommendations & Team IDs (too much work)
A blank cell means either that the team hasn't appeared in an UEFA Competition (other than Intertoto Cup), or that UEFA's website doesn't use a valid trigram (instead, UEFA club ID is shown).
If you have any request, make sure that your (european) club has appeared in an UEFA Competition, other than Intertoto Cup. Also, for Latin America, the club has to have participated in Copa Libertadores or Sudamericana.
If you find any errors, please let me know (attach a screenshot if possible)
I don't guarantee 100% accuracy to TV broadcasts. For any inaccuracies, blame UEFA


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