Thursday 29 March 2018

PES 2018 [PS4] Captain Tsubasa Option File v2.0


This second version includes the following (IS NOT NECESSARY TO HAVE v1.0):
-2 versions with names in Spanish and Japanese
-2 new equipment Nankatsu (Newpy) and NaughtyBoys
-Escubdos new for several teams.
-New Kits and error correction.
-Escudo and Name of the League "Supercampeones" replaces Liga PAS
-Names, Kits and shields of the 18 teams

These are the 16 Teams of the Captain Tsubasa Universe, to which we must add the two Dream Teams of Japan and World with the best players.

* Azuma / Army
* Furano / Flynet
* Hirado
* Hanawa / Hot Dog
* Minamiuwa / Magestic
* Musashi / Mambo
* Meiwa / Mappet
* Nishigaoka / NaughtyBoys
* Nankatsu / Newpy
* Nankatsu SC / New Team
* Naniwa / Nord Forth
* Otomo
* Shutetsu / San Francis
* Shimada
* Shimizu / Stampton
* Toho


1 - Download the OF and unzip the file in a pen drive.
2 - It will be a folder (WEPES) to be copied to the root of a pendrive, leaving for example "d: / WEPES"
3 - Connect the pendrive to PS4 and from the edit menu enter Data Management and then Import /To export.
4 - Import championships and choose the pendrive, only one will be selected and then we click on advanced options and press OK.
5 - Once the championships are installed, Next Import equipment.
6 - As before, we press square to select all and we give OK
7 - IMPORTANT! Select the 2nd option "Apply data to templates ........".
8 - To finish we enter in management of championships and we chose number of teams of the league Supercampeones to 16.


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