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Thursday, 8 March 2018

PES 2018 Chants Pack V3 & National Anthems V2 (04-03-2018)

CREDITS: predator002

Usage Notes:
- Teams need to be licensed with correct team ID.
- Anthems need to be enabled for national anthems to play. Use Dino editor to check.
- Empty audio slots have been added to teams where chants couldn't be sourced.
- All audio files are in HCA format and set to a volume below the commentary.

Note: Due to the partial update to the pack I have split it into two. If you had the original chant V3 file just put the new national anthem pack afterwards in the dpfilelist to get the new changes. If you haven't used this pack before, download both.

- 36 teams each with 8 chant slots
- 133 teams each with 6 chant slots
- 324 teams each with 4 chant slots
- 32 teams each with 2 chant slots
- 219 teams with national anthems
- 87 player chants

Full Lists:
Chants & National Anthems:

How to install:
- Extract 'Preds 2018 Chants.cpk' and Preds 2018 National Anthems.cpk' to your PES2018 Download folder.
- Update the DpFileList.bin using DpFileList Generator by Baris.

CRIAtomCraft - To build new ACB/AWB files
kana296 - 88 National Anthems added into this chant pack at his request
Team ID assistance- Albiore
CPK File Manager v1.7a assistance - sxsxsx
Chant Assistance - yoman, falcom4ever, Alessio_Luzzi, Ethan2, miguel23pc, Smokey_CL, The_Knight
Chant Sources - fanchants.co.uk, fifazaitsev1979.net & YouTube


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