Friday 23 March 2018

PES 2018 [XBOX 360] RedDevilPatch v4.0


Premier League: 100% Kits, Transfers and Emblems
SkyBet Championship: 100% Solo Transfers and Emblems
Ligue 1: 100% Kits, Transfers and Emblems
Ligue 2: 100% Kits, Transfers and
Serious Emblems A: 100% Kits, Transfers and Emblems
Series B: 100% Kits, Emblems and Transcripts.
Liga NOS: 100% Emblems, signings and kits.
LaLiga Santander: 100% Kits, Transfers and Emblems
LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3: 100% Kits, Transfers and Emblems
Eredivise: 100% Kits, Transfers and Emblems
Bundesliga: 100% Kits, Transfers and Emblems
Aguila League: 75% Emblems and Kits

And already the other leagues like Brazil, Argentina and Chile are commanded by Konami
and later I will take care of the selections! -notworthy


Pack of 40 Stadiums thanks to good
Referee Kits Adidas Generic Kits
New Pitch, more green
100 Boots and 100 Gloves and 47 Balls
330 New Mini-Faces
New Board (or Poster) At the time of substitutions made by me)
New Fund at the time of sign or sign for a team (made by me) (At the moment only LaLiga and LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3)
New StartScreen

EYE: Have DLC 3 and La TU 1.04.1

EYE 2: I use models from 2018 and I put uniforms correctly as they go, since many editors use the same model but with uniforms of 2017

* VERSION 4.0 *
-Much kits have been fixed so that the number with the name or promotion is not stuck and also the logo of the trousers with the number or with a promo.
-Many faces added to the bundesliga.
-CallNames (Osea names that did not appear in the game since konami erases them, they are again and many more but only for those who have the English version and comments in English too)
-Canals for many teams but the main leagues, Premier and Skybet, league 1 and 2, league 1 and 2, Serie A and B, Eredivise, Bundesliga, Brasileriao, Argentina, Chile, and other European and Latin American teams as well as those from Mexico and beyond.
-New Tv Logo for normal matches.
-New Logo and Texture for the champions league.
-Botas updated to date 3/22/18.
-New balls such as champions kardiff and Ligue 1.
-Caras nuevos, Neymar, Messi, Christian, S.Ramos, Pogba, Aguero, Kovacic and many more.
-Each team has the correct correct uniform and coach color and stadium name.
-Various new tattoos added.
-New package of stadiums with smaller stadiums but all of them collected from the 4 Packs of Buenolacasito.
-New StartScreen.
-Compatible with DLC 3.0 and many other things ...

And to say the least, I only fail that is that players who have tattoos do not put on gloves because they are seen through their hands and then, all in their correct function.

I continue working with the uniforms of each country and their selection to have them later as well as other teams in Europe.

Credits: BuenoLaCasito, All KitMakers, Txak @Evo_Web, Viper12, All Facemakers


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