Friday, 1 June 2018

PES 2018 [PC/PS4] Option File Serie C V4

Features :

- Inserted and corrected kits to all C-Series teams. A + C-Series C-Series C + C-Series B-Series.
- Corrected all the names and entered the logos of the teams of Serie C (57 Teams)
- The missing patches are included in the Kits.
- Added the commentary of the Serie C teams
- Inserted the social colors to the Serie C teams
- Serie C coaches inserted
- Enter all the Series C stages with detailed photos and settings
- enter all the Serie C rivalries
- Corrected and entered all the names with the related stats for the Serie C teams
- Inserted and completed all the designs and fonts with the coloring of the numbers on the jerseys and shorts
- Enter the skills of the Serie C players
- Insert the faces of the Serie C players
- Completed and created new players with the relative transfers for the C series teams
- Added the game scheme to each team
. Enter the shirt numbers for the Serie C teams
- Enter all current C Series coaches and stadiums with photos


Is the c-series v4 option file compatible with the pes team patch?

It is compatible except for those championships that will be replaced. Oldflosky, Peppe83, Lukino71, Brave92 and I have completed the kits. Terras completed Lecce. Pordenone has been inserted and completed. A special thanks to Dutur for the skills of the Serie C teams. In v4 the stats and the correct names of all the Serie C teams, abilities and faces have been released.

Installation Procedure :

1 - Create the WEPES folder (putting inside the images of the kits, emblems, .ced files and .ted files), and Move to a USB device (fat32)
2 - Connect the USB device to the PS4
3 - Go to Edit mode
4 - Select Data Management
5 - Select Import / Export
6 - Select Import Competition
7 - Select all with square
8 - Select OK
9 - Select Import Team
10 - Select all with square
11 - Continue and select Apply player and team data
12 - Select OK
13 - Wait for the files to be transferred
14 - Exit the Edit mode and save the data
15 - Enjoy!

Note: if you find more than one crash in games or when importing files, when you select teams import up to 20 at a time, then exit Edit mode, save, and restart the game.



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