Sunday 8 July 2018

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch World Cup 2018 Edition

Features : 

- Updated World Cup 2018
- Updated Premier League 2017/2018
- Updated Serie A 2017/2018
- Updated Bundesliga 2017/2018
- Updated La Liga Santander 2017/2018
- Added New Logos & Emblems.
- Updated Chants.
- New balls, boots and adboards updated 2017/2018
- Update hundred of faces for 2017/2018
- Updated stats according PESStats Database.
- New skins, new graphic menus and many more !


Thank you to everyone who supported this project from the beginning to be economically as with material, to all the publishers who created exclusive material, to the staff of pech for the tremendous management and to all our faithful followers who were present with their likes in the Previous publication. Thank you very much!! :D

Now just enjoy this excellent update mundialera!! A pity for Chile, but with all the desire to enjoy ultimate patch wc2018.

Installation: Just Run the Installer and wait for it to finish, and then enjoy. (NOTE: Use a clean full PES 6 Game Original version before installation)

Credits : Sany023 for the automatic Installer, Daniel_Juve, WindowOp, Villapilla, FacaANgel, Edisson96, PotroKits, Juako.Temuko, nicomoya, HenryJr, Jailson, AnsokBeatZ, AlehTrumpet, Hayate, skills_rooney, Weezer, albo-95, Locopro, PedroRamone24, jopistola, Gabriel-CAI, felotheone, eddie_215, solo_1200, Adam & TheKid, koolpro, Jerson, Alegor, pablo-uc, k4os, Edisson96, Lerp90, Nico98, World Stadiums PES6, PES STATS DATABASE, Pes Kings Edition, STEGRA, saborio, Lesoj, kingsley813, jasarsoft y ThanhCFC, P17, Alex.Jovis, camilomax, Fabian, luxo_xxx, Bustinhoo, MatigolAGB, jaimeriffo, Dibu Kits, Brayan, Shoot, JeremySvr, Luispes, LilAlvaro, Tha_Trxth, Under, PES Logos, LIAM, Zurdock, Stalker28, Eddy65, Sweettly23, benja, Anthrax, gonzalo27, Paatoo99, Valz67, JAMES17, don_rxf, GutiCHILE



  1. Updated 2017/2018 seasons ?
    Is this a typing mistake ? Shouldn't they be 2018-19 seasons ?

  2. good day Sha BOSS. please can you upload the files one by one. i want to download ONLY S_TEXT and 0_TEXT and the opyion files. can you drop the files ome by one??

  3. please can you upload the files one by one. i want to download ONLY S_TEXT and 0_TEXT and the option files. can you drop the files one by one??

  4. i want to download stext and otext and option file. please help me with the direct download link. maybe mediafire or mega?

  5. Sha Boss. Good day. Please go to

    PECH-PES6 PATCH 2018/2019 has been released on the website.

    Please share so that i can download