Tuesday, 20 November 2018

PES 2018 Ottomon Empire Patch v5


- The menu have been updated with a large scale.
- Jerseys updated.
- New faces added.
- Turkish announcer added.
- Added goal sound.
- 8 new stadiums added.

Preview Video: 

 First, delete the folder from the Part 1 directly from the folder for the correct installation after the data in the file folder where the game is installed into the data, download folder contents in the folder of the game into the download folder in the folder from the folder 2 save my documents konas pes 2018 ' throw in, dpfilest ranking v4 according to the order you made kits 2 kits 2 yi sheep faces 3 after the faces 4 sheep stadium cpk put the last place in front of his stadium cpks OEP_SES cpk, and then start playing our patch.
For errors, you can send a message to our page.


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