Thursday 8 November 2018

PES 2018 Scoreboard & Tournament Server

CREDITS: Sonofsam69
Huge credits to Juce, zlac, Txak, Hawke & Cesc Fabregas.

Need to have install sider 4.1.3 by Juce:
Need to have install Tournament Server by zlac
Need to have install scoreboard server by zlac
Need to have ball server by zlac

After all is install just copy & paste this mod to your game directory. Choose with which scoreboards you wish to play by default European map competition is set. For north america scoreboards just extract the map file to the scoreboard server folder.
There are some competitions that have multiple scoreboards that are chosen at random. If you wish only to see one scoreboard for that league edit the map competition & remove the entries to the ones you don't want to see leaving only the one you want.

Since the ballserver was not meant for pes 18 it still works for sider 4. Only drawbacks is that there will be no previews or ball name displayed. That is something only zlac can fix for pes 18. Assignments for leagues works fine and includes all the lates balls by Hawke. You can edit the ball map competition to your liking
Hawke latest referee kits are also included in the tournament folder. Random crashing happens due to sider which juce did not continue development for sider 4 perhaps we can all make him reconsider.



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