Sunday 11 November 2018

PES 2019 Competition Kit Server v2.0


Current version: 2.0
Minimum version of Sider required: 5.1.1

Recommended : PES 2019 PTE Patch 2019
Also supports for any patch


- GDB-style unlimited competition kit management
- a PTE Patch specific Version (PTE Patch 2.1 required) which includes every UCL and UEL Team included in the actual PTE version with specific kits and fonts (UEFA Super Cup kits for Atletico and Real included aswell)
- An alternate only Konami licensed Version which should bascially be possible to use with every patch or no patch and only includes original licensed teams (IF the patch hasn't messed around with the Konami teams)
- .txt assignment file reloading (key 0) - available at any moment, useful for making quick fixes to .txt assignment file, without needing to restart the game via Sider Overlay

I strongly recommend to use this with the PTE Patch, the Addon is dedicated to this Patch. The newest PTE Update 2.1 is required, otherwise a lot of stuff will not work.

Current limitations:

Inaccurate kit selection during replays - due to game design, saved replays do not include tournament_ID - if the competition specific kit used in saved replay has been assigned via map_competition.txt, then there is no way to re-select exactly the same kit during replay - exhibition mode kit is most likely going to be selected.

It's impossible to add specific kit configs, it's only a texture replacement LUA module due to the inability to reload a new uniformparameter.bin. Different placement of leg numbers or fonts is not possible.

How does it work:

The kit texture has to be modified and all sleeve patches you want to use need to be on the kits. For the UCL and UEL all sponsors where removed and the Sleeve patches + Armbands where added onto the kit textures + Alpha Channel. It's not possible to do that with badgeData, don't even try it.
Installation (PTE Patch):

1. Unpack the archive into your PES2019 folder.
- PTE Version 2.1 needs to be installed before

Installation (Any Patch):

1. Unpack the archive and copy folders "content and modules" to the inside of your Sider 5.1.1 folder
- Only Konami licensed Version should bascially be possible to use with every patch or no patch and only includes original licensed teams

2. Add lua.module = "CompKitServer.lua" at the end of sider.ini

Optional: Customize map_competitions.txt files to add more competition kit folders in content\comp_kit-server folder
(more instructions can be found inside .txt file)


Chelsea/Basel/whatever doesn't have a CL kit?
-> That's right, the module only includes the teams who are featured in the UCL in real life.
Real Madrid has the leg numbers on the different side in UCL in real life!
-> We can't change that, reloading of new kit configs is not possible.
Can I get all kits for this patch, for that patch or for another patch?
- Ask the patch creators to create content like that, it will 100% stay a PTE only version. You still can use the alternate Konami version with every other Patch or no Patch.
I play with Tottenham in UCL and they have EPL fonts?
- Update your PTE Patch to 2.1, otherwise specific fonts for EPL are not working.
Some teams doesn't have the Respect Armband!
- I've looked them all up, some teams are just not using this Armband in real life, like Atletico, it's realistic like that.


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