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PES 2019 ICritMyPants Patch / OF v6.0

1) Generalities

* Basis on the last and great edit of @Milesy1991 (very grateful for all your effort and work), we have the joy of having done a job that complements and expands greatly. Thanks to @SmichiW for the help with some tactics and the compatibility with the previous DPs.

* What do yo will found here? Two separate things but integrated at the same time:

A) The creation of a new OF compatible with DP 5.01 and latest LiveUpdate. And exe version, of course.
B) A Patch with a large number of teams in Other Europeans & Other Latin American that with great skill has been able to create @ninet .

The first, to be used in online / offline compatibility. The second, exclusively offline.

* You need to know that both, OF & Patch, don’t include in this version new kits; teams promoted in Brasileirao and J-League, or substantial changes in the Other Asians teams. In any case, perhaps all this can be included in some update, as well other things that we can all consider.

* Please let us know any error that you discover on OF or patch, as well the content in addons that we share directly. For the mods that we suggest in post number two, write on original threads, not here. With @ninet we are the reference for ICMP 6.0 version. The comments or queries can be directed to one or the other, without distinction.

* The Patch version is available in about a week, since @ninet still has to make some adjustments and additions to the new teams. With the Patch, he will share the customized License teams by @predator002 , due the new teams created. This License Teams allows to hear chants & national anthems.

2) Instructions (Save folder)

* Update your game to the ultimate DP and PES2019.exe latest version. Neither the OF nor the Patch will be compatible with other versions of DP or exe. We recommend too deactivating the LiveUpdate, to prevent mess up the contents of the OF / Patch. You can directly configure in Settings, in the "Online" tab: In UP Port, change the value to 0.

* Delete the entire Save folder (backup ONLY your GRAPHICS000000 and SYSTEM00000000 files. Due to the new files, ML/Leagues/CUP/BAL saves will not work). Delete any image from WEPES folder to avoid issues with the images of coachs & stadiums imported in the OF / Patch.

* Download the Save folder. Then, put it on C: \ Users \ Documents \ KONAMI \ PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 \ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Steam ID number).

* Run PES2019.exe and ENJOY!


THANKS to ALL of you, who inspires the effort. We wish to someone else join to us in future. Maybe, will find here some extra valuable minds and hands!

THANKS to KONAMI and to all of great modders who inspires continue modding:

Juce - Baris - Zlac - Hawke - predator002 - incas36 - endo - chuny - chosefs and a great etcera. All those mentioned here and others receives their credit next to each link or mention.

Optional addons

A) Introduction: most of us who are in Evo-Web we already know the great mods available. We only offer as "own" compilations made by other Users, who recives full credits for the work.

B) Sider version: the few addons we offer directly are prepared for the Sider version, a create of master @juce. So, first, download his latest 5.3.0 version from here:

How to install:

* Place the "XXXXXX" folder inside your Sider folder & add this line below the title "livecpk.enabled = 1" (leaving a space line): cpk.root = ".\XXXXXX" to your sider.ini.
* if you want to deactivate the mod add ; in front of the route (;cpk.root = ".\XXXXXX")
* Launch Sider. Then, PES2019 exe. ENJOY!​

Make a Sider version folder:

* Open CriPackedFileMaker. Drag & drop the cpk file you want to convert.
* Press the “Extract content file from a CPK file” bottom. The, select a extracting folder. Press acept. When the dialogue box appears, press “yes”. Wait.
* Place the “XXXXXX” folder inside you Sider folder & add the line: cpk.root = ".\XXXXXX" to your sider.ini.
* Launch Sider. Then, PES2019.exe. ENJOY!

C) CPK version: if you prefer this way, follow these instructions:

ATTENTION: before installing any cpk mod, make a backup of your DpFileList.bin from the download folder of your PES root.

Create a CPK version:

* Open CriPackedFileMaker (DOWNLOAD) and drag & drop the "XXXXXX" folder inside.
* Press the "Build CPK File" bottom, then Start to Build. Wait a moment. When it's done, put the generated cpk archive in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\download".
* Open DpFileList Generator by @Baris (DOWNLOAD) and add the cpk. Generate DpFileList.bin.
* Launch the game and enjoy!

D) Stadiums:
MJTS pack: we share the magnificent stadiums created by @MJTS-140914 in cpk version (inside the downloaded folder, you find out instructions to convert to Sider version). Exclusive credits for him. Download HERE.
Stadium Server: with this mod you can load unlimited stadiums via sider. The "price" to use this great tool created by @zlac is to read carefully the 1-5 first post of this thread:
If you want to use the MJTS stadium pack with Stadium Server, follow carefully the same thread of zlac (post number 2).
Here you can download a lots of stadiums for Stadium Server:★-pes-2019-stadiums-thread-–-no-requests.79879/
E) Turf:

Clearly, without the turf mods the game would not be the same. We have these two great options, both with very good quality:
Endo’s turf by @endo:
GFX mod by @Chuny :«gfx-mod-4»-update-4-5-post-642-16-03.79965/
F) EvoSwitcher:

The great tool created by @ginda01 and @MJTS-140914 allows alternating different mods: balls, stadium boards, cornerflags, entrances, ML graphics, kits, press rooms, scoreboards, etc. Here is:

G) Faces & Tattoo megapack:
We share a collection that we have made from different faces and tattoos makers. Given the amount of faces and tattoos (more than 1300), it is impossible to list the content, as it would take too much time. You will have to manually check which faces/tattos you already have and which’s not. Instructions on the rar to download, HERE.
All credits to: @barcerojas – Marfut Patch – @Lucas Eduardo - @prince Hamiz – @SaifulEypul3 – @White Demon - Sofyan Andri – @Leh – BTG - BMPES Patch – PTE faces collection - @Sho9_6 - @seanfede – Shaft (maybe we forgot someone else, they are too many).
H) Minifaces & National Associaton logos:

The minifaces that you will find are a compilation of the three packs of @1002MB; Russian Premier League minifaces, created by LeoGTX and those from BMPES Patch. Download HERE.
@1002MB also change default Logos National Teams to Associations logos: you can download HERE.

G) Adboards:

Magnificent adboard pack to make every game even more real. All credits to @chosefs:

J) Balls, Gloves & boots:

You can download an excelent pack of:

* Ball-Server pack (v. 11 AIO - run it on Ball-Server).
* Gloves (vol. 6).
* Boot pack (v.10).

All credits to master @Hawke:

K) Gameplay mod:

The great effort to improve the gameplay of the game, has a name: @incas36 (all credit to him). Its a new gameplay mod that makes each game a guaranteed entertainment. HERE we offer a small collection of his best latest mods (instructions inside the folder). For more information:

L) Chants & Anthems:
Phenomenal contribution by @predator002 whit his pack of chants and national anthems. Requires having the License Teams activated. You can download from HERE:
With the License Teams some logos that were imported in the mod may not be displayed correctly. For some teams/tournaments you may need to reset emblem in edit mode before enabling pack. Before do that, make a backup of ALL the SAVE FOLDER to make sure you will able to play online when you wish to do.
Chants explanation:
Chants download:
ICMP especific chants:
National Anthems:
We recall here that when @ninet shares the Patch version of the mod, it will bring to you License Teams compatible with the chants that predator made for us, compatible with full new containt.


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