Monday 31 August 2020

PES 6 UEFA Nations League 2020 Patch v1.0

Just to remind you, this is first of three versions that will be releasedy so here is 34/55 teams avaliable to play with. So, this patch is based on HNL Patch 2017/18 and here is what it contains:
- 34 teams with players that mostly played in EURO 2020 Qualifiers
- Some recent call-ups from UEFA Nations League (more will be added soon)
- PSD stats for all NT players (except Azerbaijan, I used PES 2020 stats here)
- Over 200 new players created
- HD faces for most of the players
- Chants for all teams
- Banners for all teams
- At least 1 stadium for every team
- UEFA Nations League graphics and competition (instead of European Championship)
I must note that I was the only one working on patch, so there will surely be mistakes (especially with graphics). If you notice them contact me so I can fix them. One mistake you should fix is Amer Gojak's hair. Just go to Bosnia hair folder and remove PNG photo of his hair. Also, there are some minuses. Boots are not updated because there was no point in looking for boots for every player. I didn't manage to include Howard Webb as a referee and UEFA Nations League trophy beacuse I don't know how to do it. Speaking of Nations League, in Version 2.0 it will probably be removed, but EURO 2020 and UEFA Qualifiers will be added.
Here is something you can play if you want. Somewhere inside the patch there is one secret player. It is not impossible to find him, but it's not easy as well. If you find him, send me a DM with a photo of that player, first three persons who have correct answer can choose one national team to be added in Version 2.0. So there will be 8+3 teams created in Version 2.0.
When I started this project I was a complete beginner. I still am, but with time and patience of other editors I managed to learn most importants things. Also, without materials from other editor this patch wouldn't be created...big thanks to all of you.



Alegor PES 6 Faces
Benicio EPES6
Buggy PES 6
FabVitor Pes
Faces Pato_Lucas18
M4celo & po4ever
PECH - Proevolutionchile
PES Firebird Patch
PES 6 Facemaker Дзмітрый Русак
PES 6 Shah Ruud Deen Edition
Shollym Patch [PES 6]
WindowOp Kitmaker - PES 6
World Stadiums PES6
All creators that are not mentioned, but their materials are used.




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  2. I sent my PES 6 patch data 2 weeks ago via email, but there has been no reply, why is that, do you hate me

    1. No bro, not tell that, i love pes6, so to make it alive i will post anything referred to pes6, sorry for that i don't see that email, can you please send me again?

  3. hello friend, I want to post my PES 6 patch 2021 on your blog, how do you do it?

    1. You can send me the patch details, links and screenshots to email:

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