Saturday 31 October 2020

PES 2021 / PES 2020 Ball Server Pack vol.3 AIO



@zlac / BallServer Module

@juce - nesa24 / Sider

All balls made by @Hawke except the balls listed below

@Angelj107 / Umbro Prodige Coupe De France model / T90 models + Normals / Massive help with fmdl to blender (Thanks Mate)

@-cRoNoS- - Danyy - ppaaggpp / 2017 balls (Thanks for allowing me to convert them)

@endo / PES2015/16/17 PS4 Models

@Txak / Puma La Liga Ball

@Tiitoo / CAF Umbro Neo Pro Ball

@josemiguel_miuccio / Fevernova & Roteiro Models

@shawminator / CGPE

@NFS_FM / Fifa Models

Konami + FIFA


1. Download & install Ball Server ..Instructions here -> Click Me

2. If not already done, download & install CommonLib ..Instructions here -> Click Me

3. Once BallServer & CommonLib are installed copy the "content" folder from the Ball Server Pack Vol3 AIO.RAR archive to your Sider folder. Delete any other ball packs first..this is an AIO pack.

NOTE: Don't try to mix ball packs or you will face problems/errors..either use this one or choose another can of course add your own balls after installing this pack.


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