Thursday 29 October 2020

PES 6 Old Option Files Download


CREDITS: goalgerd

I saw people were requesting some of my old files , here's a few I found on my old hard drive for PS2, PSP and PC from all of the pes 6 file makers

1. PC option files are shown by the file that doesn't have any extension behind the filename.

2. To apply them, rename the file to "KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT" without quote and send the file to

%SystemDrive%\Users\%UserName%\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1

PS. You can copy the link to your Windows Explorer to directly send you there



  1. where to copy on PPSSPP and which extension is for PSP?

  2. Como eu faço pra passar pro meu memory card