Wednesday 10 February 2016

PES 6 Money Cheat Trainer

CREDITS: Eden-pemalang

PASSWORD: eden-pemalang

First change the name of the application to pes6.exe. If you do so then click run and launch, specify where your PES 6 game folder is (Default: C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\pes6.exe) Then follow the steps below:


1. Go to Options-PES-Shop
2. Enter your desired monet on the bar (EXAMPLE- 99999999)
3. Then press its hotkey (Crtl+B)
4. Exit and entarnce back to PES-Shop

TUTORIAL Master League

1. Log on to the Master League
2. Fill the bar as you like (EXAMPLE: 99999999)
3. Press hotkey (ctrl+B)
4. Then click "To Next Match" and back again
5 Now check your money

Don't understand the TUTORIAL then click on the video (4,399 KB) download link below: CLICK HERE


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