Thursday 12 October 2017

PES 2018 DrDoooMuk Bootpack v1


As we can’t import new models at the moment, I have used the in game models to replace most of the stock pes boots with new colourways that aren’t in the game of existing models. Models work in game no problem replacing the stock boots, and work in edit mode fine, I am currently unsure of how to change their name from like “WEPESCLASSIC” to “Tiempo” for example, as I haven’t really had time to look, but as there is a massive graphic in edit mode telling you exactly what the boot is, that’s a minor detail at the moment.

I will eventually replace all of the stock boots, I have actually replaced most of them already (11 new boot types at the moment I think).
Thought it better for people to test it to make sure it works for everyone else first.

This mod would not have been possible without the help of Hawke, who helped me figure out how to hex edit the texture paths to the model, without his advice this mod wouldn’t have been possible at all, so Hawke deserves praise too if you download this, Cheers!


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