Monday 2 October 2017

PES 6 Colombia Patch V4 - Big Patch 2017/18 - RELEASED

NOTE: The English will be bit difficult to read because it is translated from spanish, please forgive me if any problems. Thanks

It is of great importance that you read everything to understand the functions of what brings and what does each thing, especially for new followers.

 Official product of Colombia for the world, edition and contribution South American for one of the best virtual soccer games ever created, supports the content to continue editing and keep it standing through the years as it has been, thank you.

Exe and Settings with customization of the patch, fast gameplay to promote a touch to equally intense and difficult for the user. In addition, exe with online names correctly and mapped so that Chicó appears in the combo (Since it takes the quota of Shanghai) to be part of another section where before there were 5 teams, it happens to have 6.

It is not recommended its change since some national flags as well as the names online can change and have no sense and relation with our patch.

In this update, the ENB Series is also installed, which will take at least 5 more seconds to start the game, so, do not worry, it is normal.


Premier League, Liga Águila, Serie A TIM, Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander, Combined UEFA, Combined Tournament Eagle, Combined Conmebol, plus the inclusion of their corresponding cups offered as competitions offered by PES.

Players with the right type of skin they demand, no blacks that appear white, etc ...

Based on but not copied from PES 2018, a combination of images created in collaboration with PES Logos is combined with a bluish aqua marine shine for the graphic part giving credits to the retired, Villal Pato.


Totally necessary, save all the graphic part of the PES and the content is as follows.

Uniforms updated within the "edit" mode of both goalkeepers and players. Alternates are also part of the 0_text set.

Colorful audience with their respective t-shirts for new teams added, among them, promoted.
Also, upgraded rags to promotions and new additions.

Flag types: Teamnames and Shields for user choice and comfort.

Uniforms and faces of referees, contains Nicolás Gallo, Wilmar Roldán and the new Gustavo Murillo, representing Colombian. (Preference for an offside, red uniform. Combinations include yellow, black and gray).


New marker for RCN Deportes, creation of PES Logos, as well as new additions of his also authored those of LaLiga, Serie A, Premier League and PES 2018.


We have the new shield of West Ham, Juventus and Atletico Madrid for the current season, all under the same Glossy style giving credits to PES Logos. If you do not see the shields, it is due to your lack of 0_text download.

Called "S_SOUND" has been modified with the stories plus the songs once included in the file to save space in the kitserver, once you have the stories you are sure that you will also have installed the songs of the clubs (those of the selections go in the 0_sound, below is referenced).


New chants for National, Cali, South Africa, PSG (Neymar chorus) and all new and / or ascended teams.

 After so much waiting, we are given the wonderful grace of having Eduardo Luis and his voice in the form of narration for our product, now in his V2.


Callnames for European teams, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​PSG, Arsenal, United, will continue to work with the recording of their transmissions, will stop working on the stories the day we retire from the edition. There will always be something new to offer.

This content is of creation and total use for the ProEvo Colombia patch.

The compiled callnames are mapped to name the players according to the OF of our patch. Otherwise, the callnames will not ring in another patch.

 Eduardo Luis and WIN - RCN lend their voice to ProEvo Colombia, accompanied by Carlos Antonio Vélez, Faryd Mondragón, Juan Cadavid, Iván Mejía, Campo Elías Terán ... Etc.

Also the texts of the game have been edited so that in the previous one of the party the corresponding names of the narrator and his collaborators appear.


It is not the final version, there are audios to edit yet, football does not stop and will continue recording matches to get fruit of the occurrences of Eduardo, callnames and comments.

We will continue to feed and feed the stories, and the content will only be available in our patch with new updates coming.

We have the most worked faces and hairstyles in a local environment and have the facility to keep them updated according to the requirement and look of the players and users of the patch, updated faces to date, has made clear the updates through our publications page.


(Any use of the faces and national updates "League and Combined Tournament" are created by the staff of ProEvo Colombia at the head of BlueRa1n992, Ewerson, The Punisher 22, Uriel BJ, Pachi Carp, Jorgito, Fixes PES6, Gabo CR and no no authorization is given for use in other works by fellow editors of PES6).

For everything else, credits are given to facemakers who collaborate with the global edition and share their FIXES and FACES in a PUBLIC way for the use and feeding of ALL PES6 users.



 Jeremy Svr.
Roni Facemaker.
 The Punisher 22.
PES Logos.
 Uriel BJ.
 Gabo CR.


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