Sunday 15 October 2017

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Next Generation Patch 2017/18 v.3.0 (October Fix)

- Real name for all competitions.
- New Graphics in the purest style that only PECH could deliver.
- Kits updated and configured in the internal editor + correct colors of the fans.
- New Songs with great audio quality + new music pack.
- Canvases of the teams compiled and relinketed by Luxo_xxx
- Updateable executable with names of new selections and clubs.
- Executable Normal Camera and Remote Camera version.
- Option File 100% updated, with many improvements over previous patches in Stats
- New Markers, Shields and Teamnames fully updated + new screen and load logos.
- New collection of Faceserver 100% updated, with the best version of each player.
- New Balls collected by Alex Jovis and created by DaveBecce, hayate, PesLogos, among others.
- New Kits compiled by P17.
- Stats collected by P17 & Fabián
- Physicists corrected by camilomax & Fabián. Little by little we will complete it until reaching all the players of the patch. At the moment they are 100% the two divisions of Chile and some European players.
- Stats updated to date according to Pes Stats Database in the most important leagues.
- Extra Content, compiled by Luxo_xxx:
- Improved sounds (pause the game, sound of error, choose some mode, go from option to option, etc.)
- Atmosphere
- New skin for players and referees



- English texts instead of Spain texts for English users
- HD stadiums with names and previews in-game
- Logos of leagues and cups
- New balls, gloves and boots.
- New Background themes.
- Ready for 2017/2018 Season
- And More !


1. Download the official Pech Patch

2. Download my files and just copy it to "Pro Evolution Soccer 6/kitserver/dat/0_text.afs and s_text.afs.
Here I fixed all refere, balls, scoreboard and all standard names.
Also my Update comes with new graphics. Thanks to Master Sabario and all other Patch Developer.

3. Optional if you want to have standard folder names and correct five league and stadiums names in English you can copy the PES6.exe to "Pro Evolution Soccer 6" and register the game with "Registration.reg" File. Then you can copy the "OF" to "Documents/Konami/save/folder1".

Important: I play with spanish commentary and my HD stadiums from stadium server. So I only updated the real stadium names from standard stadiums in OF.
You can always download new "OF" from Pech Site and import these OF Names with PesFan Editor. Or you don't do that because I think it is not so necessary.

Update: I add a new LaLiga Santander Scoreboard from Espn because the colon from the old one looks like an equals sign. Also I add "Additional Time" to all Scoreboards!


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