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Monday, 7 May 2018

PES 2019 News: 10 Changes that will be in the Game

The Pro Evolution Soccer series has reached new heights over the past 12 months, introducing an authentic strategic dribbling system, presentation overhaul and a dedicated co-op suite amidst an array of new features in the excellent PES 2018.

With that said, it's been almost six months since the game was released, and in that time, we've identified some improvements that we'd like to see implemented in the series going forward.

Ahead of PES 2019's presumed release later this year, we've taken the opportunity to highlight 10 changes that we're hopeful will make the cut.

1. Various AI tweaks

PES 2018 made some key alterations to gameplay, reworking everything from animations to dribbling. In the process, the series' AI has appeared to take a slight step back compared to the previous year's entry, resulting in a decrease in player responsiveness, intelligence and adaptive behaviour. Recent patches have improved the AI considerably, however, and we're hoping for even more enhancements in PES 2019.

2. Refined online gameplay
Konami placed a significant focus on improving online reliability for PES 2018, and while improvements have been made, it's often proved difficult to avoid lag-filled matches across sections of the game's online suite. The biggest culprits are modes such as PES League and Online Co-op, in which you can't filter by connection quality, leading to periodic input delay in certain matches. Hopefully, PES 2019 can find a way to ease these issues.

3. Improved co-op features

The return of dedicated co-op play has been well-received in PES 2018, offering the ability to partner with friends in online and offline competition. Many of its key features have proved popular, but the mode is somewhat stifled by its lack of filters for online matchups. The ability to set limits on the number of human and CPU players per-team would assist greatly in PES 2019, as would an option to separate regular and myClub sides.

4. Nintendo Switch edition

While the mobile version of Pro Evolution Soccer is an efficient alternative, we're really hankering for the full, portable PES experience. The Nintendo Switch provides the perfect opportunity for players to take their myClub and Master League teams on the go, as well as play local games with friends in tabletop mode. It's been over four years since the series last released on a Nintendo console, and it's time for PES 2019 to buck that trend.

5. Presentation enhancements

EA Sports' FIFA series has traditionally been known for its excellent presentation, with Konami making a concerted effort to improve this side of its game with PES 2018's 'presentation overhaul'. Undoubtedly, it boasts a greater selection of superb player faces, impressive stadiums and authentic overlays than ever before, and now, even more effort needs to be focused on generating a TV broadcast feel in PES 2019.

6. Become A Legend overhaul

While the majority of PES' modes have undergone improvements over the past few years, Become A Legend has remained largely untouched. The mode, which sees you take control of a single player throughout the duration of their career, lacks the same level of immersion as its Master League counterpart, and suffers from a few key drawbacks. It's ultimately grown a little stale at this point, and could do with a redesign.

7. More licenses, more leagues

PES has long faced an uphill battle for licenses, but Konami has made significant strides in this area in recent years. PES 2018 has continued the trend over the past six months, adding teams such as Inter and Valencia to the mix, and more signings of this calibre would continue to bolster PES' reputation going forward. Licensed or not, we'd love to see a brand-new array of leagues added to PES 2019 from across the globe, too.

8. Authentic regens in Master League

For years, PES' ultra-popular Master League mode has re-introduced real players as youth prospects following their retirement in-game. This scenario inevitably leads to the transfer market becoming awash with the same old names as you progress through the seasons. While there's a certain charm in acquiring a young Messi or Ronaldo for your side, it's hardly realistic, and results in a feeling of repetitiveness that we'd like to see quelled next time around.

9. Random Selection Match 2.0

The Random Selection Match was a concept first established in Pro Evolution Soccer 6, allowing players to build a team from various clubs, leagues, countries and regions. The fan-favourite feature is back in PES 2018, but can't be used online, restricting its potential at present. It's a mode we'd love to see sticking around for years to come, and would make a worthy addition to PES 2019's online suite.

10. Stadium creator

PES has actually included a stadium designer as part of its creation suite before, introducing the feature back in PES 2011. Following the series' switch to the Fox Engine in PES 2014, the option disappeared, leaving players to make do with preset models. Should the creator return, not only would it allow players to create custom stadiums, but authentic arenas could also be constructed for the game's range of unlicensed clubs.

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