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Monday, 7 May 2018

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch 2018 Update (07-May-2018)

PECH Ultimate Patch 2017-18 ★


√ Royal Cups for all competitions.

√ New graphics in the purest style that only PECH could deliver.
Credits: alex jovis

√ Kits updated and configured in the internal editor + correct colors of the fans.
Credits: P17, Fabián & camilomax

√ New songs with great audio quality + new music pack.
Credits: Fabián & alex jovis

√ Canvases of the teams compiled and relinked by Luxo_xxx

√ Executable updated with the names of the new selections and clubs.
Credits: Bustinhoo

√ Executable version Normal Camera and Remote Camera.
Credits: Luxo_xxx

√ Option File 100% updated, with many improvements over previous patches in Stats, Dorsal, Alignments and more.
Credits: Fabián, camilomax

√ New Markers, Shields and Teamnames totally updated + new screen logos and load.
Credits: alex jovis

√ New compilation of Faceserver 100% updated, with the best version of each player.
Credits: Fabián & camilomax

√ New Balls compiled by Alex Jovis and created by DaveBecce, hayate, PesLogos, among others.

√ New Kits compiled by P17.

√ Stadiums compiled by P17 & Fabián

√ Physics corrected by camilomax & Fabián. Little by little we will complete it until we reach all the players in the patch. At the moment 100% are the two divisions of Chile and some European players.

√ Stats updated to date according to Pes Stats Database in the most important leagues.
Credits: camilomax & Fabián

√ Installers to facilitate the installation of the patch, making everything automatically Easier impossible!
Credits: Luxo_xxx

√ Extra Content, compiled by Luxo_xxx:
- Improved sounds (Pause the game, sound of error, choose some mode, move from option to option, etc)
- Atmosphere
- New skin for players and referees
- New public
Credits: STEGRA, saborio, Lesoj, kingsley813, jasarsoft and ThanhCFC.

PASSWORD: www.proevolutionchile.net



  1. where this graphic
    i download patch put a cant found this graphic

  2. must have the previous patch or no?

  3. don't need previous version??

    1. Not needed last patch, just download all files in the link, and apply it.

    2. thx!!! reply!!!! love it!!! this page~