Wednesday 18 July 2018

PES 6 PES Colombia Patch Option File + Database 2018/19

Welcome again to an update of PEC.
Please read everything.


The following content is only compatible with the Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Colombia patch in its latest versions 5 and 5.5 (Russia 2018).

And well, those who do not have any patch because "c suck", because it should also serve.


We are aware of the mistakes that are made, and that more than a BETA is a BETA BETA because the day of publication this, tomorrow there will be dozens of new signings.

Being nothing more than an Option File, you will only find updated signings. That is the special dish.
Being a BETA product has many shortcomings among which are:

1. The lack of bibs (the season has not yet started, not all, but obviously the majority) Christian has already the "7".

2. Errors in some players with different faces to who they are, since they take other "ID" of retired players or promoted clubs to create new youth and signings from other places previously not available in the patch. So in case you see a youngster with the face of De Rossi, you should understand that it is normal for now because it is not a final version IS JUST AN OPTION FILE! and these errors will be corrected when the FINAL PATCH is released.

3. Existing players already existing (CR7, Shaqiri, Buffon etc ...) in previous versions if they will come out with their corresponding face because their "ID" already existed and only the club transfer was made.

4. There are still no promotions, when releasing this OF, I release myself with the followers and I will start to give it the maximum with the signings that come and the update of leagues that include their new promotions.

5. Do not wait for uniforms or other modifications.

Forgive me that I take the trouble to make these notes, but I have the need to make this clear to the community before they speak things that are not and take them as mistakes and so on.

What does it bring then?

Updating of "name" signings and not so recognized, be clear that we always update all the clubs in our patch, not only the big ones, thus having an improvement over other updates without destroying jobs. So that one that another signing that is not so much sounded and they know, they will realize it.

Alignments of some World Cup selections with their starting players, although there was a detail of what they should have been when the patch came out before the World Cup started, many teams decided to make room for other players who are now also part of the holder of the patch.

The same holds the online file (BD: database), which is a vivid mirror of the Option File.
They must all have the same file to play online.

Next, previous of the highlighted.


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