Wednesday 26 September 2018

PES 2019 FM2PES to TED Convertor

FM2PES to .TED is a tool that converts player attributes (Football Manager to PES) and its purpose is to create a PES player based on his FM attributes.

You need:

- PS4 .ted Encrypt/Decrypt tool by Panos
- PS4 PES2019 Editor v1.1 by SMcCutcheon

- Export the .TED to your PC.
- Decrypt the .TED file using Panos' tool.
- You must have "FM2PES to TED by Wyffy.xlsm" and "PES2019 Editor v1.1 by SMcCutcheon.xlsm" open.
- Press "Load .TED" in the "FM2PES to TED by Wyffy.xlsm" workbook and choose the decrypted file.
- Press "Find the players". Click "YES" if the player is the good one. Click "NO" and another match will be searched.
- Look for the missing players in the "PES" sheet (sorting by club is the easier way) and copy its "UID" to the "FM ID" column.
- Leave empty the "FM ID" column when you don't want modify that player.
- Type "YES" in "CHANGE NAME" column to modify the name as "FM" has it.
- Type "YES" in "COMPLETE CHANGE" column to modify the nation, age, height and weight.
- Press "Load stats". If "Skills" or "COM Styles" are more than allowed, change them following the SMcCutcheon instructions.
- Press "Save .TED".
- Encrypt the file using Panos' tool.
- Import the .TED to the PS4.


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