Thursday 27 September 2018

PES 2019 & PES 2019 DEMO Sider 5.1.1


– support for new PES2019 v1.01.03 (older versions are supported too)
– reloading of Lua modules “on-the-fly” without restarting the game: useful to programmers that write modules
– game process priority boost

If you already have sider 5.1.0 and various modules and content – do not panic: the only file you need to update is sider.dll. Take that from the 5.1.1 archive, and that is it – everything should work again.

– allows to play longer (or shorter) games: set match time to any number of minutes between 1 and 255. (in sider.ini)
– LiveCPK (see example of new Champions League ball by @Hawke)
– free side select : move controllers freely in all game modes
– camera.lua : allows to tweak ranges of zoom, height, and angle for custom camera. See camera.ini – for the settings. All credit to @nesa24 for camera research!
– Lua scripting support with various game events, such as “set_teams”, “set_conditions”, “set_match_time”, and “trophy_rewrite”.
– Trophy server
– Interactive overlay

(When you change match time with match.minutes setting in sider.ini, the game will still say it’s “5 minutes”, or whatever the chosen length is. However, during the match, the time will flow according to the setting in sider.ini)

Sider is open source and might even qualify as free software.
Source code is here:


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