Thursday, 8 November 2018

PES 2019 J1 & J2 League Patch

CREDITS: Dorumagesu116

Compatible with 1.03

Fully licensed J1+J2 League with kits and mostly complete squads.
Over 100+ real faces throughout the league, thanks to the work of myself, Dankichi and the original uploads by Bogo36.

Partial emblems for Premier League and La Liga, NO KITS.
Team Canada (No kits or faces for new players yet)

Future Works:
Compatibility for licensed EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Nationals
Other CL/EL Teams
Something in Latin America and PAS
Something in PAS (Possibly AFC Cup Clubs)
Additional National Teams (for example Syria)

Known Issues:
Bootpack (any big one) recommended. Player appearances are copied from PES 2018 ted files, and many players will show up without boots.
No Stadium names. Does it matter to be honest?
AFC Champions League face issue. Player faces get defaulted for whatever reason.
Missing players. (Rookies on Shimizu S-Pulse, Osako (Sanfrecce), Shibata and Sanada (Shonan) + possible few others)
Urawa and Gamba GK kits are not included, as they are not mine or Albiore's. Please get somewhere like J-Kit Editor's site.

Files Included:
EDIT file
Face+Miniface CPK file, usable for sider or dpfilelist.
Emblem cpk.
JLeague cpk.
Kit files.
(Place files in appropriate folders)

Albiore (J1 kits)
kuma16 (faces)
Dai D-Rock (faces)
Mr. Satan (faces)
Canal Qué Quezo (Eder Lima face)
ウイイレモンタージュチャンネル (faces)
モンタージュの達人ウイイレ2019 (faces)
wima_2 (Ibarbo texture)
Comment if I missed your name...

Under no circumstances should these files be sold for profit. Looking at you, 日本の超サッカー.


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