Wednesday, 21 November 2018

PES 2019 Ligue 1 French League Scoreboard


Files are ready for the EvoSwitcher. Just unpack/replace files in PES19 folder.

I made this to have a more realistic Ligue 1 Scoreboard.

Compatible with all languages : I used ingame texts, not just textures, so words will change according to the language (“Rempla├žants” will be “Substitutes” in english, etc)
Exhibition and Master League compatible (see the pictures).
I can’t move the time to the left for the moment, because some codes are not discovered yet (thanks to Txak for codes). But I will update it when this modification will be possible.
I used some textures of Cesc Fabregas from his PES 2018 scoreboard to do that, so thanks to him too.

Credits : Cesc Fabregas for some textures, Txak for codes, FuNZoTiK for Scoreboard.


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