Monday 25 February 2019

FIFA 17 FIFATURKS Patch 2019 Edition

Here's the content:
-All the cadres were converted from FIFA 19.
- The forces of the army were converted from FIFA 19.
-Interations in the internal fields of the player ages were converted from FIFA 19.
-FIFA 19'da taking place in all the newly added leagues 2.leauges 3. Leauges added everything was done from the logo transfer to the minikit.
-TFF 1.Lig team cadre completed by 85%.
-TFF new teams were added (Hatayspor Altay Afyonspor)
-TFF 1.Lig falling teams were set up. New arrivals (Rizespor Erzurumspor Ankaragucu added)
-TFF 1.Lig Playoff system added. (Semifinals 2 feet Final one foot)
-TFF 1.Lig Logo Graphics 3D Mug etc. Details added.
-Agricultural added Turkey Cup, League and Super League teams have been set up and join the 1.Lig.

-Agricultural Turkey Cup 3D Logo Graphics Cup and so on. added.
-TFF Super Cup was added to the game. added. Galatasaray-Akhisarspor in the first season was set to play.
-Superlig graphics ball etc. Details added.
-All the leagues were converted from FIFA 19.
- Germany was added to the 3rd game.
- European leagues are licensed.
-Champions league graphics cup ball was added to the new season.
-Champions league groups are set.
-Uefa Europe League Chart Cup was added to the new season.
-Uefa European league groups are set.
-Uefa Super Cup ball graphics etc. added.
- New logos of all leagues added.
- Added logos of all teams.
- Added miniplay of all teams
-All the teams' jerseys were converted from FIFA 19.
- 3 senior European champions league jerseys have been added. European-league-agriculture-superkupa
-Tff arm logos (patches) of Turkish teams have been added.
Over 400 player faces added!
-TFF 1. Leauge added miniface to 90%
-All the leagues were set to start from the 18-19 season.
-Ülker Arena-TT Arena - Vodafone Park - Antalya Arena - Ankara 19 Mayıs Stadium - Kayseri Kadir Has - Bursa Crocodile Arena - Konya Arena - Akyazı Arena Stations are added one by one. -States added previews.
- Added a special splash screen.
- Almost all teams banner scarf banners and so on. The visual feast builder materials were added to the stands.
-Revolution has been added to our patch.
- Many league-cup referee jerseys were added.
-FIFA 19 convert 1000 added miniface.
- Most similar licensed stadiums were added to non-staged teams. For example: Karabükspor - Stade Gerland
-Fatih Terim Şenol Güneş and many domestic technical man faces.
- The coach names of teams (including tff leagues) have been adjusted.
-Dinamo Zagreb Dinamo Kiev Many teams not included in the game, have been added to other European teams.
-With a scoreboard score of about 30, the scoreboard is added along with the score selector (most of the 2017-2018 season.

THANKS LİST: Thanks for db: @scouser09 For scoreboards @ abdul11akbel Scoreboard selector for: @byediloji For Banners: site All the friends of the face maker from moddingway and fifabase to the player faces. Stad links shared by @zaferdemir Stadium producer Erencan Özkan translates textbooks @GokayBasalmaz who converts some of the stadium to FIFA 16 For other content: moddingway and soccergaming sites. Always More Supported @ More17 Jerseys for @adiltas TFF 1.Lig minifaces @Hasan @ Who's Next! We thank all of us.

INSTALLATION: First of all a clean game is a must! 8 links from the link given in a single folder to collect and then collect them in a single folder 7zip through. Then we put the data in the fix file to the place where the game is installed and then change the files again. That's what we do.
Scoreboard selector: Scoreboard previews are old but the scoreboards inside will be new in the game. TFF 1.Lig scoreboard for the league of TFF 1. We choose what you want as the other leagues already appear in the scoreboard. NOTE: The video about the installation will be taken recently, but the next 2 weeks will be very intense, we thought to put the link in front of the good games.