Friday 19 April 2019

PES 2019 Mega Ball-Server Pack vol.11 AIO


This is an AIO Ball Server Update & contains ALL balls from previous ball server versions: Only this pack is required:

Download Ball-Server Pack V11 AIO & replace your "content\ball-server" folder with the one from this balls are linked to their competitions through map_competitions.txt & balls that have no competitions are available via the Sider overlay menu for manual selection + random selection.

NOTE: Balls have been verified working ....I take no responsibility for Mods/Patches or Sider

Modules/Switchers that aren't compatible with my ball packs.

CGPE / @shawminator
Sider / @juce & @nesa24
Cri Packed FileMaker / CRI Middleware Co., Ltd
Ball-Server / @zlac


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