Monday 29 April 2019

PES 2019 Scottish Championship Patch (PTE Compatible)

All 10 Ladbrokes Championship teams for 2018/19 playable in 'Other European Teams'
All kits for 2018-19, made by either myself or IainScott42 (more of his fantastic work can be found here)
All squads and starting line-ups up-to-date as of last weekend's games (13th April)

This patch is based on the fantastic PTE patch, so you will need it in order for this work.
Ensure you have the latest DLC updates to your game.
Please download and install PTE Patch up to 3.1 from here.
Download and install Cesc's PTE Patch update from here and carefully follow the install instructions.
Download and extract 'ScottishChampionship.cpk' and copy to your download folder of your PES installation. Regenerate your DPfilelist.bin with ScottishChampionship.cpk at the bottom.
Copy the EDIT file to your 'save' folder.
@Cesc Fabregas for giving me permission to use his update as a base for my patch.
@Hawke for his work with PTE and also with answering a few questions from me.
@ianscott42 for his kits
@tigersmad for help with squads and appearances.
And of course the PTE Patch Team for their great work.
Patch Author: scottish_carson


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