Tuesday 11 June 2019

PES 2019 OBH Anthem Pack v3.0 (10-06-2019)


v3.0 changes
PSG, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Dortmund & Ajax added.
All anthems now work in the custom Konami League / Cup.

What this mod does:
Uses the EvoAnthem module & adds new entrance anthem audio files for the teams listed below.
Slightly shortens the PL anthem so as to not create any overlap.
Increases the volume for the CL theme to match.
Disables clubs anthem from playing after the CL anthem.
Add's a new competition anthem for the custom Konami League / Cup

PES v5.01 & DP 6.0 or later
EvoSwitcher 5.1 or later
Stadium Server HERE and install the custom stadiums listed here (Stadium ID 09 is used for many of these anthems).
MJTS Stadiums Pack must be unpacked as per the instructions here: HERE
cpk.root = ".\music-root" must be enabled in your sider.ini. I don't actually know why this is, but without enabling this the anthems often do not play.
Install OBH Anthem Pack v3.0
Launch EvoSwitcher and click on "Reset Anthem Temporary". This will make sure all the changes take effect.

PES MUST be launched with EvoSwitcher (by clicking on 'Play Game') in order for the anthems to work. Launching the .exe separately won't work.
In game settings:
While the next step isn't strictly needed, these are the in-game volume settings I used when testing. I found these settings made the crowd louder and more imposing without drowning out everything else. Your own preference may vary.
Commentary: 12
Crowd Noise: 14
PA: 15
Stadium Music: 14

Not working?

1. Check the team ID & Stadium ID I've used in the EvoAnthem map_team.txt match what you are using in your Patch /OF. (Download PES Editor if you need to check)
#format: (Team_ID, Filename, Competition ID, STID, Anthem volume, Anthem Start time)

#Premier League in ML/League
101, OBH_Anthem_Pack\Premier League\Arsenal\OBH_arsenal_v1, 9, 052, 30, 0200, #Arsenal #Lux Aeterna

Team ID
Competition ID
Stadium ID
Change this number for the volume
Change this number for how early the anthem starts

2. Click on the, "Reset Anthem Temporary" button on EvoSwitcher and try again


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