Sunday 2 June 2019

PES 6 Manchester City Player Callnames

CREDITS: PES Revolution

1) Download PES6 callnames map: (PASSWORD: ichano18)
2) Open e_sound.afs from your game using DKz studio
*You can also use e_sound English Commentaries here:
3) By referring to the callnames map, find location of each player callnames in your e_sound and replace with the new callnames one by one.
4) Save and extract new e_sound.afs from Dkz Studio
5) Put new e_sound.afs in your game.
6) Go open your PES 6 game
7) Go to edit player
8) Find and set callnames to the player.

*WARNING! : Always backup your e_sound.afs to prevent error.


1) Rename each player callnames to unknow_xxxxx (refer to map:
2) put into dat/e_sound in your kitserver



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