Friday 3 July 2020

PES 6 Shollym Patch 2020 AIO


* New Kits
* New Faces & Hairs
* Boots updated
* Updated Option file
* Stadiums and many more....



Download all files, put them in the 1 folder (example D/Shollym Patch)
Create folder "dat" in Shollym Patch (D/Shollym Patch/dat)
Extract o_sound, e_sound, o_text to "dat folder"
Extract Kitserver to D/Shollym Patch
Extract file Shollym patch 2020 - UEFA Version,  coppy Option file to Document/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 6/Save/Folder1 and coppy all file in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 to D/Shollym Patch



  1. How to contact the administrator??

  2. 1st time using a Shollym patch, and I just gotta say that it's absolutely fantastic. From the player models, to the reworked default stadiums, to the chants, to the music. It's all great!

    The thing I would suggest for the next update is that the scoreboards should show the team abbreviations (e.g LIV vs FCB) rather the team emblems. That would complete the experience for me and possibly a lot of fans!


  3. Nice gameplay for Shollym, i waiting for option file and new kits to update next season 2020-21. And then i suggest about the name of players are nice to just nick name. For Example Romelu Lukaku is to be nice as R. Lukaku