Saturday 19 August 2023

eFootball 2022 UPDATED Season 2023-24 Emblems, logos, Fonts Mod


CREDITS: lennyhard

I am here because I have been suffering a lot seeing the carelessness of using poor quality images and logos in some patches/mods, practice which is on going since the old PES.

As a graphic designer, each time I see poor quality images (especially background removed with Ms Paint), I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork.

So here you go, I decided to edit the entire collections of Logos and Emblems for Teams and Competitions, updated to the current season 23/24!

Also inside the drive folder you can find Fonts & Numbers for some teams both Clubs and National Teams!

All the fonts are from the Hawke’s Edit collection except for Juventus, Bologna and Fiorentina FontBack!


Those files have been renamed it based on the ePatch V2 by MODY_99!

If you want to use the files and importing it correctly in game you have to rename them properly i.e you have to follow this detailed tutorial on how to import texture by Cadi Lilian.


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