Thursday, 24 August 2023

PES 2021 eFIFA PES Project V3 2023-24 Full Patch


Here's a breakdown of the Sider module and content included in the EPP 23 Version 3:








GamePlayloader (you will need to activate it yourself in the sider.ini)








Weather Conditions


Modules and content include work by: Hawke , predator002 , spursfan18 and shentati


While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the mod, there may still be some minor issues or missing content. For example, there may be some small teams that currently do not have accurate kits. If you encounter any issues or missing content, please let us know by reaching out to us on our Discord channel, and we will do our best to fix them in the next weekly update.

Now, onto the download instructions:

I have bundled everything into an ALL IN ONE package. If you already have previous versions, I recommend deleting them all and even doing a clean installation of PES 2021.

EPP V3 is compatible with the latest PES version 1.07.2 without any crashes in BAL and ML modes.

We also provide an EDIT0000 file that contains correct tactics, but please note that this will cause the lineups in Friendly Match mode to be scrambled. So, you can either play without the EDIT file for Friendly Match mode or use the EDIT file for Master League mode.

You can find all parts of the EPP Mod V3 in a Mediafire folder. Download all parts and extract them until you have the three usual folders: Content, Modules, and livecpk.

You can either use your own Sider or download the Sider that I have provided. The most important modules are already activated in this Sider, and you can enable or disable modules and livecpk folders in the usual way by editing the sider.ini file.

If you do not like, for example, the menu music, you can either disable it by adding a ";" in front of the corresponding line in the sider.ini file or by deleting the entire folder.

The download is currently exclusive to Patreon supporters, but it will be made available to everyone else within the next 2-3 days, depending on the feedback and error reports that I receive from Patreons.


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