Friday 18 August 2023

PES 5/WE9/LE Mega Chants Module


CREDITS: marqisspes6

with this tool you will be able to assign chants to every single team in the game, you dont have to worry anymore for slots

How to use it:

Easy, we're gonna have a folder inside GDB called "chants" just like the picture

what's gonna be inside it? there's gonna be folders with your chants and a text file called map.txt

the format for map.txt is simple, is simple,

team, foldername

now inside the folder must be this format of files names

How do I install it???

easy, download the .rar and extract inside the root of your kitserver folder

Now go into kload.cfg go and place before afs2fs.dll module, just like this

dont follow my numbers, probably you have others, also remember to incress by one the DLL.num option


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