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Monday, 9 December 2019

PES 6 Mega Tools Pack Collection


Includes: PES6 ML Starting Year Tool, PES6 Referee Kit Selector, PES6 Scoreboard Selector, PES6 Stadium Tool, PES 6 Checksum Tool, PES6 Trophy Selector, PES6 Hiddes Stats Editor & PES6 National-Team Emblem Editor

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Thursday, 14 February 2019

PES 6 PES Editor v6.0.6.11

CREDITS: peterc10

Some key changes I've implemented:

Ability to import player skin colour, wristband setting and colour, whether a face is preset or built and the preset face number (experimental)
Importing players by ID, so as long as the ID is set you can import a certain number of players rather than needing the full OF.
Option to import players but not update the teams, national teams and classic teams.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

PES 6 Scoreboard Editor v3 Tool

CREDITS: Pato_Lucas18

Hi guys, I will leave you an update of the tool to edit the input scenes, I have implemented that of being able to move the plates and map the textures, let's say now it's practically like making markers.

I also added a few more things to edit, such as the rapporteur's badge, post league, pos group, scoreboard of the ida result. And also the option to align the texts (left, center and right). The only textures you should not touch are the name of the stadium-climate and the name of the referee as they are fixed!


Friday, 27 April 2018

PES 6 New Faces HD Fix Kitserver (Fix New Faces Bug Problems)

CREDITS: Adam & The Kid PES6 Faces

Hello friends!! For those who have doubts or do not know how to install the new faces hd here we leave the files you need to install in your kitserver and replace by the old files!!


You're gonna file these files, hit them inside your kitserver... that's for starters.

Then you must put the texture in. Png in the same folder and with the same name as the bin.

Let's say you want to insert Fernando Torres... you'll have to go to the Spain / at directory. Madrid / and there paste the " Fernando Torres. Bin "and with the same name, the texture" Fernando Torres. PNG " for both the face and the hair.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

PES 6 New Kitserver 6.7.1 by Juce


Version 6.7.1 released
NEW in 6.7.0:
- HD faces and hair (experimental)
- internal resolution modifier
NEW in 6.64:
- now *really* fixed problems with afs2fs module
- rebuilt all DLLs to ensure compatibility with new kload
NEW in 6.6.0:
- AFS2FS module (same functionality as in Kitserver 7 and 8, but with multiple roots support)

- kits support for licensed/unlicensed (including "Other C") teams. Kit format: paletted or truecolor (PNG or BMP). HD-kits supported.
- 3rd,4th,etc. (extra) kits selection using "1" and "2" buttons (for both players and gk)
- kit parts mixing is possible, and also no shared palette headache.
- all kit attributes supported (model, collar, number/name placement). New attribute: "shirt.number.location" to set where number on the front of the shirt (for national teams) appears: center or topright.
- Faceserver (with hairserver)
- Bootserver (unlimited amount of boots: each player can get its own)
- Ballserver
- LODmixer (LODs, camera-fix, aspect ratio correction, attendance settings, etc.)
- Stadium Server
- AFS2FS (with multiple roots support)
- gamepad/keyboard hotkeys support


Saturday, 17 March 2018

PES 6 Edit Scoreboard Tutorial Tool

CREDITS: Pato_Lucas18

 have updated the tool no longer need to subtract to move the names of the teams, now they do it directly and I also added to change the font color and size

Another novelty is the possibility to put the name of the competition to play and the game they are going to play (Round 1, final, semi-final, etc. )


Monday, 1 January 2018

PES 6 Selector Tool AIO (The Biggest Tool)


Is it compatible with the portable PES 6?
= Not only full version

Should I have the Kitserver installed?
= Yes, the PES 6 Selector works thanks to its DLL

Why does not the PES 6 Selector open?
= Install the NET Framework 3.0

Exception not controlled in the application?
= Execute the PES 6 Selector.exe as Administrator

Is it compatible with other languages?
= Not only is it compatible with the Spanish language (s_text.afs)

When I clicked to Play I got an error that I can do?
= Run the Selector on Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility and in Administrator mode

What Patch is compatible with?
= That will depend on the leagues you have, the Flags and Team Names are only compatible with the PES Retro Patch

Why the Intros are not seen?
= Download and Install the Kawaii Codec Pack


-PES 2018
-Like 1
-2. Bundesliga
-The league
-Liga 123
-Premier League
-EFL Championship
-Serie To Tim
-UEFA Europa League
-UEFA champions league

-PES 2018
-Like 1
-World cup
-International Champions Cup
-AFC CL PES 2018
-UEFA Eliminatory
-Cup A
-Eliminatories South American
-Premier League
-Sky Bet Championship
-The league
-Liga 123
-Serie To Tim
-Serie To Tim Sky
-2. Bundesliga
-UEFA Europa League
-UEFA champions league

Positions styles:
-PES 2015
-PES 2018
-PES Logos

Intros (opmov):
-The league
-Premier League
-Serie To Tim
-Like 1
-UEFA Europa League
-UEFA champions league

If you wish to keep your opmov you must cut it and paste it into the Intros folder of the PES 6 Selector

-Zoom 920 TV1
-Zoom 1350 Wide
-Zoom 1000 Wide
-Zoom 1400 Wide

LM Funds:
-The league
-Premier League
-Serie To Tim
-Like 1

Additional features:
-Font B
-Crowd HD

Team Selector
Contains games already configured to simulate the Russian World Cup 2018, Compatible with the PES Retro Patch

Select your team and Save, a new game will be created in box n18, in Cup you have to Load data or Load config. general and select box n18

Cut and paste the folder PES 6 Selector and the executable PES 6 Selector.exe inside the folder Program Files \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 6



Sunday, 24 December 2017

PES Editor 6 Tool

CREDITS: lazanet

Based on PES2009 editor (GPLv3 licenced) from purplehaze and reverse-engineered offsets from his PES_Editor_6.0.6.

Packed as Eclipse project, with addition of 2 simple bash build scripts (sh and sh for GNU/Linux with base OpenJDK.

New features
PSD search (based on pesstatsdatabase-API of mine) – at Tools->Get PSD Stats
PSD stat paste (at player edit dialog)


PES 5 OF Decrypter


Info: Simple OF Decrypter based on classes from purplehaze`s PESFan Fditor.

Usage: Put PES5 OF in same folder as PES5 Decrypt.jar and run JAR file. dump.bin will contain decrypted OF.


Thursday, 21 December 2017

PES 5 Kitserver 5.5.5 Download



- kserv with High-Def kits support
- lodmixer (various tweaks for game graphics)
- faceserver/hairserver
- ballserver with 3D rotating ball preview
- stadium server
- bootserver
- afs2fs
- network module
- speeder

Full Documentation :

Changelog 5.5.5 :

- fixes for bootserver (some reported problems were: boots disappearing after half-time, wrong boots for some players, etc.)
- fixed crashes caused by ballserver, after ball was switched. Those were due to incorrect memory management.
- fixed crashes caused by kserv module doing erroneous 2D-kit texture releases.
- fixed conflicts between some of the DLL modules and afs2fs.dll. This now makes it possible to have HD crowd working properly.
- fixed incorrect display of 2D narrow-back goalkeeper kits (kserv)
- internal resolution modifier, based on the work by @kingsley813 . Huge thanks to him!
- reserved memory modifier - like in Kitserver 6. HD stadiums now work.
- persistent state for stadium server: using stadium.dat file - ala Kitserver 6
- fixed a problem in "View Stadiums" - where GDB stadiums would not load, if "Home stadium" mode was active.


Saturday, 4 February 2017

PES 6 Make Different Colores in Each Boots Model

CREDITS: Pato_Lucas18


Copy file unnamed_1024.bin to kitserver/0_text folder. Also this mod will only works on 28 model kits.


Friday, 7 October 2016

PES 6: Free Kick Tricks and Tutorials

CREDITS: PetritpRo

This video is to help make Free Kicks on PES6 more Successul... this video will not guarantee consistency because Consistency with Free Kicks on PES6 is not possible


Thursday, 29 September 2016

PES 6 Tutorial: How to Perform a Rabona

CREDITS: Klepa Klepinho

you can do rabona with all players and this is the real tutorial with explanation