Monday 27 November 2017

PES 2018 Predator’s Team Chants For Pesgalaxy Patch

I have relinked the Predator Chants for the Pesgalaxy Patch 2018 after some requests of users.

Relinked Teams:
The 4 new CL teams

The rest should have worked anyway.

I have only tested 2 teams, so tell me if something is not working.

Short installation instructions:
Predator Chants have to be downloaded beforehand – from here: HERE and should be inside the download folder of PES 2018.

Copy the Pesgalaxy_Chants.cpk of the download inside the download folder of PES 2018.
Open the Pesgalaxy Switch and add both cpks to the DpFileList using the DPFileList Tab. The Pesgalaxy_Chants.cpk has to be lower in the list than the Predator Chants.

Credits: predator002, secun1972


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