Monday 4 June 2018

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.8.2 WC Edition Patch Update

9.8.0 Main Changes (from previous version):

– database from smoke patch X20
– added new national teams
– updated a lot of kits
– updated ball models
– updated gloves models
– updated boots models
– updated face models
– added players tattoos
– updated squads (prevision)
– added a lot of youth players
– a lot of fixes and enhancements

Update 9.8.1 corrects some important issues, this includes all fast fixes previously made for patch 9.8.0 mostly following the fans valid reports.

Main fixes in update 9.8.1:

– Fixed double teams:
due to a conversion mistake, some teams in Italian and Spanish leagues are missing or duplicated, this is now fixed and restored to default, if you started ML with 9.8 then you might have to start a new one after installing this software for the changes to take effect, if you started ML before 9.8 you can continue normally.

– Fixed some faces:
due to the big number of faces we couldn’t test all of them, some reported faces needed immediate fixing that this update will make.

– Fixed some kits:
some kits have a collar problem (Argentina home kit and others), this is because new collar from pes 2018 might not be present in 2017, this is fixed in this update.
also created kits for Paris FC, their kits where not correct.

– Fixed some tattoos:
tattoos are newly added and might need some tweaking, this update applies some corrections following reports.

– Fixed emirates stadium:
some reports of bug at the end of a game in the emirates stadium, this should be corrected now.

PES 2017 update 9.8.2 it is very important to install to fix some issue with the patch mainly with MEDIUM quality settings, fixes described below:

– Graphics Enhancements:
fixed some various minor issue, added some new features most notably added FIFA world cup real trophy.

– Fixed Medium quality tattoos:
since this is the first time we add tattoos in smoke patch 2017, it was expected to have some rough edges, some faces had some deformation and now they are fixed, but the biggest problem was that the tattoos works only with high quality, when playing medium or low quality the players with tattoos will get error (arms shows like long sleeves) when they are far from the camera, we have created a new tattoos system files that works with medium and low as well as high quality.

– Fixed problem with ACL competition:
it was reported that the Asian champions does not continue when it reaches the knockout faze, this was due to a small problem with the acl system file, it is now fixed and works as it should.

– Fixed occasional crash at the end of game:
we got reports about the game not being able to finish when playing at anfield or Emirates stadium, after many tests, this is now fixed and the game starts and finishes as it should.

Thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed to the patch.

9.8.0 + Update 9.8.2 * this includes 9.8.1:


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