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Thursday, 6 September 2018

PES 2019 PES Runner v1.0


Allows the running of Sider and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 with one icon rather than
clicking on two exe files or creating a batch file.


1.0 – 05/09/2018 – Initial release.


Extract the file anywhere on your PC (preferably in the Pro Evolution Soccer Folder)
and run the exe file.


On first run it will provide a simple interface where you provide the locations of the
sider and PES executables. The Launch button will then be available which will
launch both programs.

After this initial setup is done, running PES Runner again will automatically launch both
sider and PES without the interface. To bring about the interface again, simply delete the
runner.cfg file.

To Juce for creating the superb Sider software.
To SARIFOPs Gaming for the amazing gaming sessions on Minecraft, Arma and many other games.


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