Tuesday 26 March 2019

PES 2019 Italian Sere BKT Patch for PTE 3.1 DLC 4.02

CREDITS: ilcerchiodigesso

Features : 

– Added the 19 BKT Series teams (Italian second division), plus a Lega Pro team (Virtus Entella) in “Other Europeans”.
– * (VERSION 2 ONLY) Inverted the first French League1 league with the first Italian Serie A TIM league and the second French Ligue 2 division with the Italian Serie BKT, so as to allow the correct relegation and promotion between the Serie A TIM teams and of Seri BKT
– * (ONLY WITH EVOSWITCHER) Added Kombat Kappa ball for the Serie BKT, edited by ilcerchiodigesso
– Official BKT Series logos added
– Added the official logo of the Series BKT on the sleeves of the uniforms of the Serie BKT teams
– Re-enter the Serie BKT players hidden from the latest DLC 4.2 update and re-create all remaining players, with original KONAMI IDs where present in the previous PES databases.
– Update of ratings and winter market transfers for the 2018/2019 season
– Make all the preview minifaces for Serie B
– Added the original 3D faces of KONAMI, imported from PES 2018, for the players Hugo Campagnaro (Delfino Pescara), Daniele Gastaldello (Brescia Calcio), Alessandro Diamanti (Livorno) and Lee Seung-Woo (Verona). Added the faces of Gian Filippo Felicioli (Perugia Calcio), of Jean-Claude Billong (Benevento Calcio), made by Prince Hamiz, and those of Sandro Tonali (Brescia Calcio).
– Made the uniforms in HD (goalkeepers, home kits, transfer kits, third and, in most cases, fourth jersey) for all 19 formations of the Serie BKT and for Virtus Entella (.cpk format with detailed channel structuring Alpha)
– Detailed settings for teams (modules and formations, coaches, jersey numbers, words, rivalries, home stadium) and for players (in particular statistics and physical appearance, with hundreds of likely faces recreated with the editor indoor).
– Added more than 300 3D faces for the various leagues
– Unlock the missing legends of DLC 2.0 and 4.0 (Batistuta, Denilson etc.)
– Fixed the names of the players of the teams “European classic” and “World classic”, multiple faces added.
– Made three new classic teams with original kits edited by ilcerchiodigesso.
– More than 120 classic players have been created from scratch with statistics, features and physical appearance taken from the databases of the previous pes
– Made from ilcerchiodesso all the minifaces of preview (the preview faces of the players visible in the training management screen) for the classic players inserted
– Inserts over 120 3D faces for classic players, partly taken from PES2018, partly made by the community.
– Added 10 internal stadiums to the patch, already associated with the respective teams

N.B. All the players (names, statistics, appearance), the names of the coaches and teams, the fans’ banners, the stadium names for the Serie BKT were imported from the PESFan.it FO v9 patch for PS4. (The coaches have been updated to 03/15/2018)

All the uniforms of the teams were made by Buffon99 editor (with the exception of the third and fourth jersey, the fifth jersey of Brescia Calcio, the third jersey of Livorno and the third, fourth, fifth jersey of Ascoli that were edited by ilcerchiodigesso editor on the basis of those created by Buffon99), imported in .png and, therefore, converted and edited (with transparency effects and relief of the Alpha channel) in .cpk format from ilcerchiodigesso.

Installation :

VERSION 1 (Serie B teams in Other Europeans)


1. Open the Version 1 folder

2. Copy all the contents from the “download” folder, ie the following files and paste it into the “download” system folder of PES 2019 in the following path::

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2019?

Facepack Bundesliga
Facepack update
ptepatch_upd4_1 (L e B)

N.B. If you use additional .cpk files in addition to the PTE Patch 2019 Update 3.1 do not copy the “DpFileList.bin” file but generate the DpFileList.bin file using the DpFileList Generator.?

3. Copy the “EDIT00000000” file from the “save” folder and paste it into the “save” system folder in the following path:

C:\Users\Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\save?

4. Installation finished, start and enjoy the game.

VERSION 2 (with the BKT Series structure instead of the Ligue2)

1. Install Version 1 above (required for Version 2)

2. Open the Version 2 folder

3. Copy all the contents from the “download” folder, ie the following files and paste it into the “download” system folder of PES 2019 in the following path:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

ptepatch_upd – Serie B

Consent to the request to overwrite the DpFileList.bin file previously installed with Version 1.

4. Copy the “EDIT00000000” file from the “save” folder and paste it into the “save” system folder in the following path:?

C:\Users\Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\save

allow the overwriting of the previous file EDIT00000000 of Version 1.

5. Installation finished, start and enjoy the game.

N.B. If there are difficulties it is possible to regenerate the DpFileList following the order shown in the attached image.?

Optional Mod [ EVOSWITCHER ]

1. Download and extract the .rar archives of the Evoswitcher 3.0

2. Copy the entire contents of the archive to the following location:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

3. Download and extract the Evoswitcher 3.1 archive for Series B and copy the entire contents of the archive to the previous path.

4. Download and extract the archive for the additional 39 stadiums, then copy the contents (the content folder) within the same path

PASSWORD : ilcerchiodigesso


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