Tuesday 26 March 2019

PES 2019 SMoKE Patch v19.0.0 AIO


Includes all dp files
Real names for all players
Real names and logo for all teams
Added new teams
Added new national teams
Added new leagues
Added new classic teams
Real kits for all teams
Correct home stadium names
Added a lot of real faces
Added a lot of mini-faces
Added real balls
Added real ad-boards for stadiums
Added 100 boots and 30 gloves
Many others....

Teams in smoke patch

Smoke patch 19 uses the maximum number of teams that the edit file can handle, virtually we can add an infinite number of teams to the database, but the edit file is limited to (649 teams for pes19), we removed all the fake teams from the game except (pes united and we united), these two teams are fully editable for user custom edits, we have also removed the relegated teams from the game to free up the maximum teams slots, smoke patch added many teams and national teams, also all teams that have promoted to first divisions in latin america and asian leagues.

Teams names and ID

All the teams in the patch have correct name, all teams are licenced and are assigned to their correct original game ID, if a teams never been in original database we assign a special ID from smoke database.

Teams squads

We review all the teams in smoke patch regularly, in every version we update more teams, the squads are following the latest transfers. We always review the reports from the fans to correct any missing transfers.
Some players might not be found in smoke database or konami database, but we import players from live updates so in later updates more players will be created and assigned to their respective teams.

Teams Kits

All the teams in smokepatch19 have real kits, most of them are updated to their latest models, we create more updated kits in every version,
This version have new mask files to make the kits as real as possible, many worked in making kits so thanks to all involved.

Players added

Smokepatch adds a lot of new players as a result of adding teams, the database have over 20.000 players, that is 5000 more than the game (excluding fake players)
All fake players has been deleted except for players in the two custom teams (we united and pes united)

Al players have correct original ID, if players are does not have we assign original ID from smoke database. Players stats used are konami latest stats, updated when the game updates them.

Players faces and minifaces

Real faces added to smoke patch is more than 5gb, this makes 90% of the patch size, many thanks to anyone who sent us real faces. Smokepatch added more than 18.000 minifaces for the players, we keep adding and updating them regularly


The stadiums in this version is kept to minimum, the stadiums made by the game have different quality than older version, added stadium in smokepatch19:

Stadium imported from P19 DLC2:
- Stade Louis II (Monaco)

Stadiums imported from P19 DLC3:
- Estádio Palestra Itália (Brazil)
- De Kuip (Netherlands)

Stadiums imported from P19 DLC4:
- Celtic Parx (Scotland)
- Ibrox Stadium (Scotland)

You can still get the stadium pack that was used in previous version, we made them available as an alternative pack addon, adds 7 more stadiums.

For maximum number of stadiums you can use stadium server version, stadiums in server are made by game community, all available as addons


A new adboards is included in this version, also works with stadium server and the alternative stadiums, all are created and updated by omina and chosef, big thanks for effort.

All leagues in the game are real, smoke patch replaced the fake leagues with real leagues, (bundesliga, MLS, J1 league)

This version have update more boot models and balls, smoke patch have 100 boots and 30 gloves.

Sound files are big in size, so all are available as separate download as addon, you can choose weather to add them or not. CL theme is included thanks to Maurid_PES

Chants addon
Music addon
Commentary addon

We regularly make and share optional addons for the patch, check the addons for new or updated features. Many other smaller features are already included in the patch.

Offline and live update

We create the patch focusing on offline gaming, when you play online the game will use live update data to ensure all players have the same database, so the patch features will not be present such as team names and logo, however some features will remain such as kits, faces, ...)
In offline mode you have the option to use live update or smoke patch update, switch between them in team select by pressing the right analogue stick.

Installation :

1. Extract with WinRAR

2. Run the setup as admin and set the location to yout PES 2019 game folder.

3. Manually copy the edit file (edit00000000) that came with this patch to the game save folder usually located in:
Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\(your steam ID)\save\

4. Wait until finish and play !


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