Sunday 7 April 2019

PES 2019 SMoKE Patch version 19.0.1 DLC 5.0

Update version 19.0.1 is available for smokepatch19, this update is important after the recent release of DLC5 and exe1.05.

smoke patch version 19.0.1 comes to make the patch compatible with the latest game version and data pack, also includes many fixes and new contents.

Main Changes:

- Added new content DLC5
the game recently released a new data pack, this usually makes the patch incompatible, a compatibility fix is needed and included in this update. many features added like kits and faces all are included.

- Added more real faces:
a lot of new faces added to smokepatch, most of them from the new DLC, added many youth players real faces too.

- Added more tattoos:
many new players have real life tattoos thanks to Sho9_6

- Optimized database:
revised the database and corrected some errors that might have caused some lags when viewing players list or similar actions, the patch will generally run smoother.

- Other fixes and enhancements:
many reported bugs related to faces and graphics are all reviewed and fixed with other small enhancements and general tweaks.

Size: 726 MB


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