Thursday 6 June 2019

PES 2019 PTE Kitserver v1.0 (Sider)

CREDITS : Cesc Fabregas

What is this?
This is a complete GDB structure of all teams included in PTE Patch, even all original Konami teams and Fake Teams, including every ftex file. You don’t need to worry anymore about uniformparameter files, cpk files etc., everything is in Kitserver module now. Updates can be easily made and new GDB folders can be shared.

What about kits for competitions?
Competition kits have been completely overhauled with a lot new configs like names on top for teams like Bayern, updated font sizes and shapes, textures. All those competitions kits are included in the GDB folders and assigned to competitions for automatical selection.

Are alternative Goalkeeper kits included?
Yes, but only a few for now. Hawke made the second and third choice keeper kits.

How to install?
Update your Sider to the version mentioned above and install the kitserver module if you haven’t already. Now download the PTE Kitserver and copy the kit-server into the content folder in your Sider, overwriting existing files. Also remove CompKitServer.lua as it’s not needed anymore and disable EvoKit.lua.

Cesc Fabregas
juce & zlac (Sider and Kitserver module)
Hawke (Kit textures and fonts)
PTE Patch team and all their Kitmakers

Please credit especially the PTE team if you use any of their kits in GDB folders you share anywhere because all the base content was created by them for this patch.

Minimum version of Sider required: 5.4.0+
Also required: Kitserver Sider Module


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