Thursday, 2 January 2020

PES 6 ES IBERIA Patch 2020


Designed for any type of PC, both to play 4K and on computers with XP installed.
Patch completely designed in Spanish .
Updated to play the 2019/2020 season .
It includes the Premier League , LaLiga , LaLigaSmartBank , Serie A and Bundesliga leagues as well as the combined UEFA A, UEFA B and CONCACAF-CONMEBOL.
Including in this way all the UEFA Champions League teams, as well as two UEFA teams where the rest of the best teams in Europe are located. CONCACAF-CONMEBOL combined includes the main teams from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the USA.
Full list of patch equipment:
One of the most important aspects of the patch are the stats. A converter has been created from Sofifa for PES6 that is available to everyone: In addition, this will allow the patch stats to be updated weekly via the launcher.
The online community works through telegram groups (Friendly, tournaments, problem solving, ...). It is very important that depending on your location you enter the correct group:
South America:
Remember to give "You must show us that you are not a bot" in the welcome message of telegram to start writing on telegram chats!


To play online it is necessary to create an account on the server website with SERIAL K7URDJNALJV3SSLMATK6. To enter the online mode of the game, you will be required a password. That password is User-Password with which you have registered on the server ( ). For example: Your nickname is Lampard and your password is chelsea, you must enter the password: Lampard-chelsea.

If there is another previous version in that address, first uninstall and delete these two folders manually:

BEFORE PROCEEDING, WE WANT TO INDICATE THAT THIS IS THE FIRST VERSION AND THAT THERE MAY BE FAILURES. Therefore, do not hesitate to inform us of any incident you see so that we can solve them in  the following updates of the patch!

1. Unzip and install the pes6 from setup.

2.  Once installed, unzip the selected file.

3. Execute this file: (it will take a long time on little powerful pcs)

4. Move the s_sound.afs file to the Dat folder.

    It should look like this:

5. Unzip these two files into the kitserver folder: DOWNLOAD

6. Delete this file from the following path:

7. Configure the launcher to open as administrator:

To optimize and solve the microcuts in the gameplay playing in windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 the game we recommend you do these steps  ( For monitors that have a resolution higher than 1920x1080 DO NOT DO THIS): 

* We configure the game in settings to open it in window mode.
* We open the game and open fullscreenizer.exe  both as administrator !!!
* Select pes6.exe and click on the Fullscrenizer button.

Finally, we want to thank all the content creators who have collaborated in the process of this patch and that without their help it would not have been possible to present such a complete patch graphically:

* Facemakers:  Castolo, Miguel CABJ Facemaker, Buggy PES 6, Agustin13F, Saloomon, Cris94, El SergioJR PES 6 Editor, Nico888, Portal das faces PES6 by Alemoarts, Tor37, Дзмітрый Русак, Peppedes Facemaker PES6, TE Facemakeur, Tomi1889, Uriel Bj Tran, Abdo Facemaker PES6, Pes6 Faces By: Abdo, Maher, AG Facemaker, Luis Facemaker PES6, Angel98, NahuelHD, Adam & The Kid, Alegor, YB Facemaker, Facemaker Cesar ZB, PES 6 New Edition, 1DragoN1 Faces, BR92.

* Kitmakers: VillaPilla (Developer who has done a brutal job completing the kitpack of all the teams of the second Spanish division), FacaA / Ngel, IcarosPes, Dibu, angeldavid, AhmedWahba, Underground, Anthrax, JeremySVR, AgusOp, GutiCHILE.

* Stadiumakers: Mainly the guys from World Stadiums PES6, who update and create the main stadiums around the world!

* Ballmakers: SergioJR, Hayate, M4rcelo, Davebece, Matu_CARP.


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