Monday 16 November 2020

PES 2012 Patch New Season 2021 - BETA



Premier League (England) 50% updated

Ligue 1 (France) 48% updated

Serie A (Italy) 80% updated

La Liga (Spain) 63% updated

Eredivisie (Netherlands) 29% updated

Casa Liga 1 (Romania) 8% updated

Bundesliga (Germany) 57% updated

Shopee Liga 1 (Indonesia) 5% updated


New Camera Wide

Added 4 National Teams: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam.

Reordered league structure, fixed structure bugs, many teams have 2020 or 2021 kits.

Top european teams are well updated, the rest needs still lot of update.

Data Pack Problem/Error? Here is what to do.

1. Remove the folders ad, save, settings.dat from Documents - KONAMI - Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. 

2. Start the game, go on until you can choose something from the main menu, close the game.

3. Add the ad and save folders again in Documents - KONAMI - Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 but don't add settings.dat.

4. Open game again and everything will work correctly.

If still problem, reinstall PES 2012, PESEDIT and the patch

Use English language for correct team names.

Extract, copy, paste and replace pes2012.exe