Tuesday 21 June 2022

PES 6 Firebird Worldwide Patch 2022-23

 Features and info about this patch:

- Brand new and totally different Team List: 10 Copa de la Liga clubs, 10 Brasileirão clubs, 10 MLS clubs, 11 Liga Portugal clubs (plus 3 more as 'work in progress'), 10 'Rest of World' clubs, plus the 2 finalists of UEFA Champions League

- Option File 100% updated to May 2022

- Faces / Hair / Kits / Tattoos / Skins / Balls / Club Banners 100% included in HD

- Exclusive content for some players and clubs (more info coming soon)

- Updated Commentary by De Paoli - Latorre with too many exclusive callnames (as part of another Firebird Team project)

- Scoreboards and Graphics for all included Leagues

- 'Worldwide Fantasy League' available in League Mode

-'FIFA Club World Cup' and 'Copa Sudamericana' available in Cup Mode

- New Main Menu and New Soundtrack

- New Stadium-Pack focused on the Worldwide teamlist

- Most club chants have been collected and included. Only a few are missing due to technical reasons (lack of them or difficulty in recognizing because of their 'mother language')

- Realistic Gameplay mod already applied

Important notes:

This project is brand new and built literally on a clean base.

Because of this, you might notice that the patch has a lot of open 'free slots' for future teams (clubs specifically) to be added in the future. Same goes for some Leagues and Cups.

At the moment, the only League than can fully work is the interesting concept of ours called 'Worldwide Fantasy League'.

In the near future, the full 'Portuguese League' will be available too (now a few portuguese clubs are marked as 'work in progress').

Perhaps other leagues will be added in Firebird Worldwide, soon.

For the Cup mode, the format of 'FIFA Club World Cup' is ready and it can be slightly customized, if you want. You either choose to only have knock-out matches on it (as normally), or you can even create some interesting groups for the 1st phase and then proceed to the knock-out duels. The 'FIFA Club World Cup' trophy has been included, of course.

'Copa Sudamericana' is available too (CONMEBOL Sudamericana).

Keep in mind that you cannot force the CPU to fill up all chosen team slots randomly for these competitions, as this would result in having 'free slots' teams in your league/cup. It is sensible, I believe, to add all desired clubs manually.

Also, since the teamlist at the moment is not big enough for a full Master League challenge, you obviously cannot play on Master League mode.

All feedback is welcomed and will be taken into consideration for the further development of this project.

CREDITS: PES Firebird patch team & sany


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